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Money List

Time Period
, juil. 08, 2018
1 Mark Anguiano 1 CAD$36,000
T2 T34 Michael Gligic 1 CAD$17,600
T2 T14 Joseph Harrison 1 CAD$17,600
T4 T14 Taylor Pendrith 1 CAD$8,800
T4 T9 George Cunningham 1 CAD$8,800
T6 Theo Humphrey 1 CAD$6,950
T6 Carter Jenkins 1 CAD$6,950
T8 Corey Pereira 1 CAD$5,800
T8 T2 Zach Wright 1 CAD$5,800
T8 Zach Zaback 1 CAD$5,800
T11 Kyle Mueller 1 CAD$4,800
T11 Wade Binfield 1 CAD$4,800
T13 T55 Jake Johnson 1 CAD$3,750
T13 Greyson Sigg 1 CAD$3,750
T13 T14 Andrej Bevins 1 CAD$3,750
T13 T61 Cole Miller 1 CAD$3,750
T17 Tyler McCumber 1 CAD$3,100
T17 T2 Chris Williams 1 CAD$3,100
T19 T65 Josh Hart 1 CAD$2,257
T19 T41 James Love 1 CAD$2,257
T19 T23 Ian Davis 1 CAD$2,257
T19 Andrew Dorn 1 CAD$2,257
T19 T12 Cody Blick 1 CAD$2,257
T19 60 Ben Griffin 1 CAD$2,257
T19 T12 Lee Hodges 1 CAD$2,257
T26 Jared du Toit 1 CAD$1,640
T26 Zach Foushee 1 CAD$1,640
T28 T6 Evan Bowser 1 CAD$1,360
T28 Daniel Iceman 1 CAD$1,360
T28 11 Brett Lederer 1 CAD$1,360
T28 Matthew NeSmith 1 CAD$1,360
T28 T9 Danny Walker 1 CAD$1,360
T28 Chandler Blanchet 1 CAD$1,360
T34 Jake Scott 1 CAD$1,160
T34 T41 Blake Olson 1 CAD$1,160
T34 Grady Brame 1 CAD$1,160
T37 Andrew Buchanan 1 CAD$980
T37 Brad Miller 1 CAD$980
T37 T14 Max Buckley 1 CAD$980
T37 T49 Olin Browne, Jr. 1 CAD$980
T37 T29 Ian Holt 1 CAD$980
T37 T49 Jake Shuman 1 CAD$980
T43 Ty Herriott 1 CAD$795
T43 Tyson Alexander 1 CAD$795
T43 Blake Sattler 1 CAD$795
T43 T4 Sam Fidone 1 CAD$795
T47 Thomas Baik 1 CAD$718
T47 Paul Park 1 CAD$718
T47 T55 Eric Dietrich 1 CAD$718
T47 T61 Patrick Fishburn 1 CAD$718
T51 T41 Brendon Jelley 1 CAD$685
T51 Jake Mondy 1 CAD$685
53 Stoney Crouch 1 CAD$670
T54 Dylan Wu 1 CAD$655
T54 Zane Thomas 1 CAD$655
T56 Jake Knapp 1 CAD$635
T56 Jordan Russell 1 CAD$635
58 T6 Jonathan Khan 1 CAD$620
59 Anthony Maccaglia 1 CAD$610