My Favorite Things: What Tour players love

September 13, 2012

Champions Tour media officials Dave Senko and Phil Stambaugh have caught up with players over the last few seasons to ask them about everything from their favorite athletes growing up to favorite road food to bucket-list golf courses. Some of the answers may surprise you.

My Favorite Things
JOHN RIEGGER: The Las Vegas resident's sports allegiances range from the Los Angeles Lakers to the St. Louis Cardinals -- good discussion fodder while on a deer hunt or enjoying a ribeye steak. More
ANDREW MAGEE: He'll always lay claim to being the first man to ace a par 4 on the PGA TOUR, but what else makes him tick? A lobster dinner and some college football conversation are a good start. More
JOE DALEY: The surprise major winner of 2012 loves his putter and is a devotee of Ben Hogan. He also knows "The Natural" by heart and marks his ball with a rare wheat-tailed dime. More
BART BRYANT: The younger brother of Champions Tour winner Brad Bryant loves his country fried steak and long rides on his Harley -- and will never forget the winning putt at Jack's tournament. More
RICK FEHR: The Seattle native loved Ben Crenshaw as a teenager and was a big Dallas Cowboys fan before the Seahawks came along. Give him one meal and he'll take the wife's southwestern chicken. More
DUFFY WALDORF: Yes, Duffy has Lady Gaga on the iPod. Another part of the UCLA pipeline on the Champions Tour, he also would love to play in Scotland. He'll also drink (or talk) wine anytime. More
GENE SAUERS: No surprise that the pride of Savannah, Ga., loves his college football. Gene is also a huge fan of the water -- if he can't be on a boat, he'll be on the computer checking them out. More
KIRK TRIPLETT: You know about his bucket hats, but did you know Kirk was a part of Fernando-mania? He also loves "Jeopardy", Tom Brady and has fond memories of an ace at Augusta National. As he should. More
STEVE JONES: See what book the 1996 U.S. Open champion credited for helping him bag the major. When he's not playing in a tournament, you're likely to find him in cargo shorts finding hotspots around town. More
LEE RINKER: The Rinker family is full of golfers, and Lee's history includes a runner-up to Tiger Woods. He's a bit of a shoe nut and loves Chicago and ice cream, but he'll avoid liver at all costs. More
JIM GALLAGHER JR.: He's part of a golf family and would love a little more time with his grandfather. Like any good Mississippian, he loves SEC football, and he also loves ribeyes and hunting. More
STEVE PATE: Did you know Pate's grandfather pitched in the major leagues? The oldest winner on the Tour is an avid reader and ice cream aficionado; he also appreciates the great "Animal House." More
ROGER CHAPMAN: The two-time major champion of 2012 (both in Michigan) is from England but loves Madrid. If he's not playing golf, you'll find him fishing. What you won't find is him eating Brussels sprouts. More
RUSS COCHRAN: One of Kentucky's own loves Big Blue basketball (no surprise); he also loves Drew Brees and classic Westerns. His bucket list includes a trip to the U.S. Open -- of tennis, that is. More
JOHN HUSTON: A winner in just his third Champions start, Johnny Ray is a longtime Floridian but loves Beaver Creek, Colo. He watches a lot of television on the road, especially football games. More
ROD SPITTLE: The Canada native played with Champions pros Joey Sindelar and John Cook at Ohio State, and still supports the Special Olympics in Columbus. Not surprisingly, he's a hockey nut. More
BRAD FAXON: One of the all-time greats with the putter, Fax lists four cities as his favorites and loves to collect old golf books. Find out what piece of major championship history he owns. More
PETER SENIOR: He has played golf around the world but would really love to be able to play a musical instrument (as many players also said). He also holed out with a 1-iron -- it can be done. More
CHIP BECK: The second man to shoot 59 on the PGA TOUR, Beck loves all kinds of music -- he even has "Don't Stop Believing" on his cell phone. Find out what his first job was in Fayetteville, N.C. More
JEFF HART: The collegiate star at USC loves classic rock, "Jeopardy!" and football. Sounds like the average guy, right? Check out his bucket list and favorite charity, then get back to us. More
JIM CARTER: A winner on the PGA TOUR and Tour, Carter appreciates the classics -- the Utah Stars of the ABA was his favorite team as a kid. Now he enjoys spending time with the family and ESPN. More
JAY DON BLAKE: The 1980 NCAA champion at Utah State once aced a par 4 in his college days. Today, he enjoys the outdoors, his family, and a good steak dinner with chocolate cake for dessert. More