What they said: David Frost, Michael Allen

April 22, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DAVE SENKO: Well, congratulations, Michael and David. Michael, this is your second straight win, first time a player's done that since John Cook won at the end of '10 and '11. And David, your second win on this Tour. Looked like 27 birdies for you guys and one really key eagle. Maybe, David, you could talk about that on number 14.

DAVID FROST: Well, yeah, for sure, Michael couldn't have done it without me.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Without question.

DAVID FROST: You know, I had a difficult shot there on 14. I could have putted down the hill but, I had a couple (inaudible) in front of me and, you know, sometimes I guess practice pays off and the ball came out nice and soft, landed on the fringe and trickled down into the hole.

I was nervous with the shot because it was all downhill beyond the hole and couldn't really be too aggressive, but as I say, all the practice payed off.

MICHAEL ALLEN: And I think I was a big part of that. I hit the ball way right into the trees. I left him hanging there. I knew it would be perfect for him. Applied just the right amount of pressure.

DAVID FROST: I feel, if I might add, I kept thinking we hadn't been lucky all week. Up to that moment, nothing had really -- we hadn't really made a long putt or holed a chip. We scrambled once or twice to save our par, never made a bogey all week. And he missed the eagle putt on 11, I had a chance for eagle on 13, and then fortunate something just went our way on 14. So those are the kind of breaks you get when you win tournaments, and lucky for us it just came at the right time.

DAVE SENKO: David, what was the shot sequence on 14 now?

DAVID FROST: He hit it in the trees first.

MICHAEL ALLEN: My shot? Yeah. I hit it in the trees, I chunked it out, then I chipped it over the green, then I left it up to him, but I left my ball there because I knew I had par.

DAVID FROST: It was kind of a tee shot -- they moved the tees up today. We had 275 yards to the front of the green, so it wasn't a driver, it was a big, hard 3-wood for myself, and it just came off nice off the tee.

DAVE SENKO: What was the distance on that, do you think?

DAVID FROST: 275. Oh, the chip? About 40 feet.

MICHAEL ALLEN: He was pin-high to the right, just on the hill right above.

DAVE SENKO: Questions?

Q. Congratulations, guys.


Q. You mentioned yesterday about hoping something happened for you on 18 after seeing other people hole out. How would you describe what happened on 18 with the rain coming down, and I think there was a (inaudible) with you trying to putt in with the lightning going. Can you describe what happened on 18 with the tournament in the balance right there?

MICHAEL ALLEN: Well, I guess -- for some reason, I thought they had birdied 18 or something because on 17 for some reason I thought we were tied, I don't know why. Even though I knew we were ahead, I didn't hear a yell or anything. So for some reason I thought the board had us both at 28-under. It did, didn't it? So anyhow, I just, you know --

DAVID FROST: Good thing I didn't see that.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, yeah. We got our tee shots off right before really the heavy rain came. It just started when David was hitting last there. So then, as we got up to our ball, it was really pouring.

DAVID FROST: I checked (inaudible), it really got heavy.

MICHAEL ALLEN: And you hit a very good shot in there.

DAVID FROST: Thank you.

MICHAEL ALLEN: I was very happy to see that. So then it was pouring rain and I was just trying to keep it out -- it was raining so hard, just hit it out of the bunker and let it come back and keep it in play so we could have at least two putts at it. It was awkward for it to start raining on our parade there, but we were able to get through it.

Q. What kind of -- did you have a clean look at the ball, was there anything in the way? And how far was that putt because you put it within, what, two inches the cup?

MICHAEL ALLEN: It was hanging over the edge actually. Actually, there was a little rain kind of puddling up just in front of my ball just on the green, I was just off by a foot. But it was raining so hard, I didn't want to deal with stopping, I was just ready to go. And I just wanted to make sure to hit it just kind of firm enough. I knew it was wet, kind of into the wind, so give it a good putt, get it up there, and it almost went in. I really thought I had that. Then I was so happy to hear that that was all we needed because that was really good, that made me feel good there.

Q. About how far away was it??

DAVID FROST: 30 feet, 35 feet.

MICHAEL ALLEN: 30 or 40 feet. It was pin-high, exactly pin-high just off the green on the left, a foot off the green. Yeah, 40 feet's good. Make it 80.

Q. Playing in the last group, you were able to see everything in front of you if you wanted to. Were you paying at all attention to the leaderboard with everything -- people moving up and down all day long??

MICHAEL ALLEN: Personally, I don't that much. You know, I look. I wanted to see where we were after like 11. I just -- it adds too much more anxiety to me, so I really just kind of keep playing. I knew we were doing decent. So, you know, when I get to the back nine I looked a little bit, trying to make sure where we're at.

DAVID FROST: I looked at it today because when we got to 15, I saw Cook had finished, and the only ones left were Brad and Tom and Tom makes a -- had a louie on 15 and we had three tough holes to finish, but it was tough for them, too. I didn't see them making two birdies coming in. Again, I was happy to have Michael on my side on 16, 17 and 18 because really long holes, tough holes coming in. As I said, I'm glad I have a good strong player with me and we didn't make any bogeys coming in or all week.

Q. As the points leader in winning this year, how did this one feel different from the success you've had so far this year, this victory??

MICHAEL ALLEN: It's taken so long to win that second one, you know. I came out on this Tour -- I was still playing the TOUR pretty much full time and I had played so well the two weeks before the PGA at TPC and Quail Hollow, so I knew how well I was playing.

And, you know, the last couple years I've played some good golf, but never have been able to win, so last year was a big breakthrough.

And then this week I just felt very comfortable personally myself, and I know I've got one of the toughest competitors out there with David. So today was kind of nice because we knew it was going to be a dogfight. We knew that, you know, you can't go out there and make a lot of pars; you've got to make a lot of birdies. So it was great having David on my side.

It's obviously something very new to me to win two tournaments in a row. I've never probably won two real tournaments in my life before that, so this is great. I'm thinking, well, I'm sure when I get home and see my kids and they start jumping on me and tell me how cool I am, so that will be great.

You know, right now I've just been kind of staying in the moment and just enjoying my time out here. Really it's been fun to be in the last groups, to be competitive that's why I love playing. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy preparing to do this, and it's -- this has been a great couple weeks. To actually come out and win twice in a row is amazing to me.

Q. I don't think any other sport allows people to play as long as golf does, all your life. To have this second life that you had mentioned, and as popular as it is with the fans, that's got to give you a great deal of satisfaction. We've been very pleased with this whole thing here with Liberty Mutual.

MICHAEL ALLEN: I am, too. You know, this is, you know, the start of it all, this tournament here. So to now be a part of this is even better to me. It's fantastic.

DAVID FROST: Michael and I both played the European Tour, we both played in South Africa, so we know what it's like to sort of climb that ladder. I think it's one thing that has to be said, if it wasn't for the volunteers on our Tour, the Tour would never work. On all the other tours in Europe, in Asia and Japan, you just don't have all the amount of people that volunteer to -- in all aspects of the tournament to make it successful.

And I'm sure Michael can agree with me that, you know, we go all places in the world and it's very special to see the volunteers out there and them enjoying themselves and enjoying us just showing up, too.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, it's amazing.

Q. So I think the obvious, besides the golf, is that Savannah is the place that I think most of the PGA players love for this tournament, and the Heritage has just been sponsored another five years. I know, David, you played there. Just speak about Savannah and the wonderful --

DAVID FROST: Well, for me, the Heritage has always been a special place. I have the course record there, I have the putting record there, I've lost in a playoff, just never won. And this is as close as I'm going to win to Hilton Head. So it's very special for me to have won here with Michael and we'll cherish this moment forever.

MICHAEL ALLEN: I love coming here. I actually proposed to my wife here in Savannah 21 years ago. She lived here for a few years, worked with the Hershey chocolate company here. So she has always kind of brought me back here. She hasn't been able to come the last two years because our kids are in school.

But I've always loved this place. I love the food. You know, it's kind of like a little mini New Orleans there, everyone out there being stupid and crazy, but there's also so much great food and restaurants. Just such a nice time. We stay at the Hyatt and just walk out the door and there's great restaurants everywhere. It's always a wonderful week to me. I love it.

Q. You juggled your time on the two tours, Champions and PGA TOUR. Now that you're having all this success, does it make you daydream at all about maybe taking your shot here and there on the PGA TOUR??

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, because one of the things I've always wanted to do is win a PGA TOUR event. I was really hoping to get into Zurich next week, but I haven't been able to. You know, and I'm really happy out here. I'm going to be basically full time. I'd love being able to play a couple tournaments out there to just give it another shot because I know my chances are -- my time is very limited.

Q. (Inaudible.)

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, a little bit. A lot.

Q. David, I believe you tied for third here last year? Can you sum up what the differences are between finishing third and winning in terms of the way you played? Was there any kind of difference or just the way it added up at times?

DAVID FROST: I think we played solid golf this year. We were 7-under after the first nine holes on Friday and didn't finish off the round like Brad and Tom did, them moving to 12-under, and we just -- if it wasn't Michael, it was me; if it wasn't me, it was Michael. He played great. He had spells where he played great, and a couple of spells where when he wasn't there, I took over. So we played some great golf at different times every day.

Q. We always hear about the great things you do on the course. Can you tell us some of the things you get involved with? We always talk about the charities and all, but it's not for charities here, overall it's the tournament. How about the individual things that you guys get involved with, like helping out with First Tee or junior golf or any charities you might be involved with?

MICHAEL ALLEN: Personally, my daughter's got diabetes so we're very involved with that all over Arizona. That's always our big kind of fundraiser. I had a hickory stick tournament going a couple years ago. It's been hard to keep it going with the economic times in Phoenix, but -- so it's kind of the main thing that I do. Of course, my wife and family are very involved in our church. And we get asked a lot to do things around Phoenix and we're always involved with the military, the honors -- the disabled veterans. There's just so many, you know, that I do, and I know I do a lot of those things around Phoenix and periodically wherever I can.

DAVID FROST: I've been fortunate enough to be involved in many charities. In particular, they ask you a lot of times to do a Monday outing. I was asked to do an outing tomorrow for SCGA, I guess it's South Carolina Golf Association that's just down the road in Hilton Head. I know Dana Quigley's charity involves -- we're supporting him with and out to Des Moines. So there's always opportunities for us to give back, and the guys are really -- they like to step up and support the people whenever they're asked to.

DAVE SENKO: One more question then, we'll wrap it up.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Let's have a good one.

Q. You said something earlier this week, I think. Years and years ago when you were a journeyman on the PGA TOUR trying to get by, you said if you knew then what you know now, you might have been more successful way back then. Were you too hard on yourself earlier in your career??

MICHAEL ALLEN: You know, to be honest with you, I just wasn't very good. You know, I didn't know that much about the golf swing. And I tried as hard as I could, I believed in myself. I wasn't that great at it. So with Mike Mitchell helping me so much in my game, number one, and then as you get older in life and you just go through experiences, you just learn that somehow you'll get by.

We've gotten by through very tough times periodically, and I think just in life in general as you kind of get a little older and you can relax a little bit and put things a little more in perspective because you have a little bit of history in life. I think overall that's -- you know, that's what's made this -- now I realize when I'm out here, I don't have to be here, I love to be here, I enjoy it. You know, win, lose or draw, I've had some frustrating times and I've had some good ones, now even better. But, you know, it's -- for me anyhow, as I said I can't say it enough, this is -- this is really fun. I love doing this. So I enjoy it, and hence, maybe because I'm older and my game's better, I'm more comfortable with it.

So yeah, I think I definitely could have been. I try and tell young guys on TOUR when I help them out, like Spencer Levin, a couple friends, just enjoy this. I know it's hard sometimes because you feel like it's life and death, but it's not, you know?

DAVE SENKO: Thank you.