What they said: Brad Bryant, Tom Purtzer

April 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. All right. Gentlemen, we'll do this again just like yesterday. Talk about it once again, you're the top of the leaderboard. Talk about going into the final round and today's round.

BRAD BRYANT: It was pretty good.

TOM PURTZER: We had plenty of chances today, we just didn't make too many putts. I didn't help Brad as much today as I did yesterday, but we're in great shape. We're still on top. So if we can have another hot round, just make a few putts, I think that's all we've got to do. Get a little momentum going. We kind of didn't get a whole lot of momentum going today.

BRAD BRYANT: Yesterday we had three or -- in fact, we had four tap-in birdies with iron shots that we didn't have today and that was the only difference. We played great today, we just didn't have those little, you know, sort of kick-in birdies like we had yesterday. So if we get on a roll tomorrow, we're playing very well, we played a great -- as a team today, we really played well.

Q. What's the difference from yesterday's round to today? Did it feel that much different or not?

TOM PURTZER: You know what, in some ways it did, but we played pretty good, we just didn't -- we just didn't make the putts that we did yesterday, that's all.

BRAD BRYANT: And we didn't have any penalty strokes today, so that was good.

Q. Talk about tomorrow. So many teams jumbled up there, everybody's so close, this thing's wide open. Talk about the excitement of tomorrow's final round. It's going to be pretty exciting.

TOM PURTZER: Yeah, it definitely should be. If we could have shot another pretty decent round today, it would have given us a little space, but kind of everybody's jumbled up there and so, yeah, it's going to definitely make it real exciting. We're going to have to put the pedal down and go hard.

Q. The weather conditions are supposed to change, some rain, some wind. Is that going to help you or hinder your game at all??

BRAD BRYANT: Depends on how much it rains. If it will rain it out and we tie for first, that will be --

TOM PURTZER: I think we're okay because we both hit the ball high, so we don't -- we don't -- we're not looking for it to roll a lot. But like you said, a lot of it depends on the weather. If the weather's decent -- we had a beautiful day today, a little breezy, but a beautiful day. That's why the scores were so low. But if we get a bad day tomorrow, it's hard to tell what will happen.

BRAD BRYANT: We would definitely like to see -- putters.

TOM PURTZER: Did I take all of your TV time?

BRAD BRYANT: No. We would like to see the wind blow hard and it not rain, that would be perfect for our game.