What they said: Andy Bean, Chien Soon Lu

April 20, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Were there any shots out there that were the shot of the day between the two of you??

ANDY BEAN: My partner almost made 2 on 11. He rolls it right over the hole and hit it about a foot. And I think that really helped because we didn't birdie 10 and when we eagled 11 and he birdies 12, that kind of sets things -- sets us off on the back.

Q. How long was that putt??

ANDY BEAN: A little over a foot. It wasn't very long. He almost made it from, what, 220 yards, 200 yards?


ANDY BEAN: Excuse me, 235. I thought you were longer than that.

Q. What club??

ANDY BEAN: What club did you hit?

CHIEN SOON LU: 5-wood.

ANDY BEAN: 5-wood always at the flag. I mean, it rolled right over. I thought it was going in. I think we just need to get a few more putts dropping. You know, that's it, because Mike and Frosty, they started off really good. They birdied the first five holes and they were 5-under after five and we were 2-under after six. So just getting off to a little better start tomorrow and we'll be good.

Q. Playing with a group like that that got off to such a good start like that, do you guys realize you've got to kick it in to --

ANDY BEAN: We've got to start pedaling fast. There wasn't any doubt about that. And I birdied 7, he -- and Lu birdies 8. That's what you've got to do, you've got to go back and forth here because you can ride one guy for a while, but everybody's got to pitch in.