What they said: Bernhard Langer

April 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. (Question regarding partnering with Tom Lehman.)

BERNHARD LANGER: ... the TOUR's Bible study on the regular TOUR, the Bible study that we attended. We're both Christians and we're pretty outspoken about our faith. So we saw each other every once -- pretty much on TOUR at the Bible study and became friends with the family. I was already out here and I really didn't have a partner, a firm partner. First year I didn't even know about the tournament until a couple of weeks before kind of thing and I ended up playing with Dave -- what's his name -- David Edwards, because he kind of didn't have anyone, either. But David and I are not really -- we never really had a whole lot to do with each other so we just kind of played out of necessity. We both needed a partner.

When Tom was old enough -- I can't remember now whether I called him or he called me or whatever and we just, you know, always played against each other in Ryder Cup so we thought it would be great to be on the same team instead of against each other.

Q. So you missed here last year with your injury??


Q. So there wasn't any doubt this year that you guys would hook up again??

BERNHARD LANGER: I don't think so. You know, we talked about it afterwards and he just said, well, you know, you're injured so I'm going to just have to play with someone else, but the following year we'll be together again, and I said that would be great. So I guess Corey Pavin was looking for a partner and they played, and they played pretty good last year.

Q. What about on the course works, though? How does that work so well between you guys?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, we've only played two events together.

Q. And won one.

BERNHARD LANGER: We're both very competitive. We like each other's company, and our caddies are both believers, too, so there's four Christians in the group. You know, we play together -- we just -- as I said, we know each other, the family, the kids know each other and we're in contact, you know, throughout the year. That's all it takes. All you need is to be liking the other one around you, you know, in your presence, and we're pretty both very encouraging towards each other.

Q. So in the course of a round, is there a lot of banter, a lot of talk? Do you guys give each other the needle a little bit?

BERNHARD LANGER: Not so much that because -- obviously we have fun, but we don't say "I'm sorry" or whatever because you don't have to. We both know we're trying a hundred percent or more to give the best you can, and if you mess up it's not because you tried to mess up. It just happens, it's human. We just enjoy each other. That's what it comes down to. You want to be with someone that -- you spend three days in a row, five or six hours together, you want to have someone that is fun and that you can relate to.

Q. Thank you very much.

BERNHARD LANGER: You're welcome.