What they said: Fred Couples

April 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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FRED COUPLES: Well, I played with Jay a couple years ago. Yeah, I don't know the course that well. It's a great spot. It's at the Westin and it's a nice golf course, but I know you have to make a lot of birdies, so that's the idea for Jay and I. We'll see what happens.

Q. Of course you're here after another great performance at the Masters. Can you compare the levels of intensity from that arena to this one??

FRED COUPLES: Umm, no. It's not really -- I mean, it depends on who you are. For me personally, it's my favorite tournament in the world, there's nothing like it, and the intensity -- you know, I think you don't try any harder, but it's just a lot more fun. It's really hard to explain. Even if I didn't do well, it would still be the best week of the year. I played three tournaments before Augusta to try and get ready. I went there feeling like I was going to play well and I had a great shot. Saturday wasn't very good, but Sunday, came back well and had a nice finish.

Q. Have you played since then at all??

FRED COUPLES: No, I hit balls last week and I got in last night and played today. I actually felt pretty good. If the weather dies down, I'll relax a little bit and maybe hit a bucket later, but I've got Jay to rely on.

Q. How do you kind of get yourself back into a competitive mindset??

FRED COUPLES: Well, that's one thing we all do very well, but again, the comparison is it's a golf tournament, I have a partner, I want to do well. Very rarely should you go to a tournament where you're just there to go through the motions. Jay played well at Tampa last week and I rested a lot, so hopefully we'll mix and match this week. But as far as how people look at it, a best ball tournament's a lot of fun. I wish there were more of these. It's very relaxing and it's a lot of fun, but it's a tough competition.

Q. I saw you doing some stretching coming up 18. Is that something you have to do commonly??

FRED COUPLES: You know, I hit a shot on the 15th, the par 3, and I didn't go after it hard but I tried to really cut through it and I actually don't feel that great right now. But I'm going to get out of here and go rest. I told my caddie we're going to go have an early lunch and I'm done for the night. That's a problem, so hopefully I'll go put some stuff on it and it will cool down.

Q. I know you and Jay go back decades, but when it came time to play in this event, did one call the other and say, okay, let's team up and do this??

FRED COUPLES: Well, we did two years ago.

Q. Right.

FRED COUPLES: This year, no, we talked about it -- you know, there's not much to talk about. Unless they tell us we can't play together, we're going to play together and we'll do it for a while. I just love being around Jay. Like I said, I've known him forever. He's helped be mostly a co-captain -- I've been called the captain of the Presidents Cup team, but he's been really the number one captain, too. We talked about playing here. And the best news is we're here, so we get to tee off tomorrow, we'll go out and do our best. I think a couple years ago when I was here I wasn't feeling great either and we still did okay. I can rely on Jay. He's a great iron player and a great putter and I think we'll do just fine.

Q. Is there a lot of back and forth between the two of you on the course??

FRED COUPLES: Well, our caddies are buddies, too, so there will be a lot of bantering going on. If we're doing okay, it won't be too serious. If we're struggling a little bit, it kind of gets to the point where you've got to lay off each other a little bit. But I'm sure we'll pick on each other a lot. And we play with Lehman and Langer, so they're a great team, too. It will be a fun day.