What they said: Tom Pernice Jr.

March 23, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic transcript archive PHIL STAMBAUGH: Tom, good vibes coming back to Mississippi for your first Champions Tour event of 2012. You had a high finish in Jackson last summer. Maybe a few thoughts about 7-under after 12 holes, and that's all you got in today. Talk about the day.

TOM PERNICE: You know, first off it was remarkable that the superintendent, the grounds crew, did the job they did. We could have easily not played. I never had mud on my ball on the fairway one time. So hats off. The bunkers were all cleaned up. They did a great job. I guess they had it in pretty good shape last night and the rains came again.

Perfect day to play golf. Not much wind. Obviously the greens were holding. The greens aren't real fast this year. You can be a little aggressive on the greens. No, I played really solid. I've been working hard on my game. Haven't gotten so much out of it so far this year on the regular Tour. Tried to be patient. Been working hard with both my coaches, E.J. Pfister and James (indiscernible). Things have been getting better, but not much results.

Today was a lot better. Capitalized, got off to a great start.

Hit a good drive and a 3-wood on 1, got off to a great start, played really solid the rest of the day.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Go through your birdies after 1.

TOM PERNICE: 3, the par 3, hit a 5-iron in there about five feet just below the hole and made that.

5, the par 5, 2-putted from about 30 feet.

6, I hit a wedge in about 10 feet and made it for birdie.

I skipped some holes. Wait a minute. I birdied 3 and then birdied 4.

4, I hit a 7-iron, hit it in about 15 feet and made birdie. 6 is a par 5, I 2-putted for birdie. 7, I made birdie from about eight or nine feet.

8, I lipped out from about 15 feet for birdie.

10, I hit it about three feet for birdie.

12, I hit it about four feet for birdie.


Q. Just in general having to wait, going out and playing, did you feel comfortable? The conditions did turn out pretty well.

TOM PERNICE: Well, you know, I think everybody just wanted to get going. Sitting around all day yesterday, nothing to do. This morning, not much to do. Really couldn't do any practicing to speak of, as well, either. I think everybody was anxious to kind of get started. It turned out to be a beautiful day.

Q. Was it one of the days that you just didn't want to end, hated to see the sun go down because of the roll you were on??

TOM PERNICE: I that started the day knowing I was only going to get 10, 11 or 12 holes in. Kind of knew it. I feel good about going out tomorrow morning. The greens will be mowed again. They'll be better. Supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow and on Sunday.

So, you know, we've been out here long enough, time to go get something to eat and come back in the morning. But it was nice to get started.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Thank you, Tom.

TOM PERNICE: Thanks, guys.