What they said: Loren Roberts

March 17, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DAVE SENKO: Loren, you turned things around, 2-over on the front and then bogey-free three birdies on the back and finished at 70. Maybe just talk about your day a little bit.

LOREN ROBERTS: Well, obviously it started out a little rough. Everybody was dealing with the weather. They called it. Luckily for me at 5. I hit 2 of my best shots and was still 20 yards short of the green there. But I kind of righted the ship. I had a 3-putt at 7 on the front edge. Other than that I played solid all day, made a couple of decent up and downs. Made a lot of greens and birdied the holes that you kind of need to, the par-5s, on the backside.

DAVE SENKO: What happened on No. 5??

LOREN ROBERTS: A long par-4. I hit a driver. It was really blowing at the time. I hit a 3-wood 20 yards short and couldn't get it up and down.

DAVE SENKO: Birdie at 10??

LOREN ROBERTS: I made about a 30-footer across the green at 10 for birdie. The other two birdies I made on the backside were a five-footer at 15. A 2-footer at 18.

DAVE SENKO: How bad were the conditions??

LOREN ROBERTS: Well, they were bad just before they called it. Then it wasn't that bad after we went back out, it really wasn't. Judging by the weather report, I thought we were trying to get 18 in over the next two days. We have a good chance of getting 54 in.

DAVE SENKO: Tomorrow the big thing will be the wind. Questions, guys??

Q. Is it tougher physically to play in these conditions??

LOREN ROBERTS: Yes, obviously, the ball doesn't go as far. The body doesn't move as good. But this is a really good golf course for us to play in, I think, for a Champions Tour event. Everybody is in the game here, obviously. The long hitters like Freddie and Tommy Lehman can reach the par-5s easily, but that makes it exciting to do that. Everybody else can still make birdies and be in the game. This is a really good little golf course, I think, because the greens are tough. You got to hit iron shots. If you hit the ball good, you're going to shoot a low score. If you start missing greens the wrong side, you can't make a par. This is a good little good golf course. Perfect for us.

Q. On poa annua, how do you know you are not going to get the type of roll, you got a lot of experience??

LOREN ROBERTS: St. Louis, I grew up on poa annua. Some guys don't have a good attitude about it. I have a pretty good attitude about poa annua. If you hit the putt solid and where you are looking, you are going to get as many good bounces as you get bad bounces and it's going to equal out.

I think if you have a good frame of mind, I think you could hit it pretty good. I think the poa annua greens are what makes this golf course what it is. You really have to play strategically here and make sure you keep it on the proper side of the hole. You cannot short side yourself with the poa annua greens because you're just not going to get it up or done.

Q. You seen it work the other way with other guys where it gets into their head??

LOREN ROBERTS: Yes, it definitely, does. Yes.

DAVE SENKO: Thanks, Loren.