What they said: Russ Cochran

July 31, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. If you could talk about that one there that ties the record??

RUSS COCHRAN: Yeah, I missed a little putt on 3, hit it in there about 8 feet, missed it. And then I hit a driver and a 4-iron probably, oh, maybe 30 feet, 25, 30 feet on 4 and two-putted. Then I had a couple of little fireworks there.

On 5, I hit a drive out there and hit a bad 4-iron short of the green and just short of the -- just left of the green and short, and hit a little flop shot over the bunker and kind of around the bunker and made it.

Q. How far was that??

RUSS COCHRAN: That was probably about a 40-foot shot. But out of this rough, that was pretty good. Then that was No. 5. Then on the 6th hole, I hit a -- what did I do? I hit a driver and a 7-iron to about maybe 18 feet and made that.

How many's that? One more. The 8th hole, I hit a drive and laid up with a 4-iron out of the rough, and then hit a pitching wedge to about a foot.

Q. In less than a week you're in England winning The Senior British, and then you're here playing in another major just a week later. How do you prepare for something like that??

RUSS COCHRAN: You know, I think I could have done it if I hadn't ended up winning the tournament last week. It just carries over into this week. It gave me great insight to what Bernhard did last year, and how tough a thing it is to do, obviously.

But I think the big thing is I'm usually great at dismissing a tournament and getting right into another tournament. But with family and friends and not speaking with them that much, you know, with the phone situation over in England, when I came back to the States, it seemed like it ran into three or four days. I was still answering questions on Thursday when I was getting ready to play. Very tough thing to do.

I think that the big kicker for me was not the tournament so much. I felt like I was doing a decent job of getting back in the tournament, but with that delay where I finished at, you know, 10 minutes until 9:00 on Friday, I guess, and then trying to start my round back yesterday, that was too much for me. I had no legs.

My son's 27 and in great shape and he was talking about being lethargic and legs feeling bad and stuff. That kind of mirrored what I was feeling myself.

Q. Have you ever had a better stretch of birdies than five in a row??

RUSS COCHRAN: Yeah, I have. I want to say six in a row maybe once or twice. I know it's been on this Tour once or twice, I know. But I'm not sure when or where. I know I've had some good stretches, but I can't exactly remember where.

I've shot some low numbers and I had a good stretch in Hawaii this year, shot 10-under the first day, and it seemed like I had a good stretch there. So I'm not sure if that many holes in a row or whether they threw an eagle in there or not.

Q. That's kind of where you get the golf course off the front because the back has been harder this week.

RUSS COCHRAN: Yeah, it really is. I thought it was just going to be kind of a boring round. I'd had good chances coming in there on 2 and 3 and hit weak putts. Then, like I said, on 4 just kind of two-putting that thing and then the chip-in on 5 got me started.

You know, it's just one of those things where I was looking for anything to get me going. It was kind of boring -- not bored, but trying to find something to catch a little bit of life there.

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