What they said: Peter Senior

May 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Regions Tradition transcript archive MODERATOR: We have Peter Senior joining us. Peter, runner-up for the second straight year in Birmingham. Gave it a heck of an effort and came up just a little short. Just some opening comments about the Regions Tradition, playing in this event at Shoal Creek, then take us through your day and take us through the playoff.

PETER SENIOR: Thank you. I had a really great week this week. You couldn't have asked for better weather. The golf course itself, they made it very playable. This week (inaudible) the greens. I played the PGA here when Wayne Grady won and certainly a lot more difficult then with the rough and how hard the greens were, but the course was just a joy to play. The scoring was pretty good and I think everybody had a great week. Great to see Regions coming on and sponsoring this tournament and we look forward to coming back here next year.

MODERATOR: Okay. Do you want to just sort of take us down the stretch, take about -- you go for it at 17 and make a nice two-putt to actually tie Tom and get in the playoff. Just take us through down the stretch and then the playoff.

PETER SENIOR: I had 2 -- I hit 238 yards to carry the water, which is right on my limit, a little bit downhill but the breeze started to come up just as I was about to hit and I really needed to make four. If I wanted to win the tournament, I had to make four there. And I knew it was such a difficult pitch with the pin being only six -- six on the front. I hit a pretty good 3-wood, just made it over the water by about three yards and finished on the front edge of the green and two-putted from there. I had the chance. I hit a good putt from about 35 feet on the left, lipped in -- just caught the left edge of the hole and went probably about two and a half, three feet and holed that to get into the playoff.

Played the first playoff hole good, hit it down exactly where I did in regulation play, the first drive, so I knew exactly what club it was. Took an iron in to about 18 feet and thought I hit a really good putt there but just went pretty straight and it was deja vu, I did exactly what Tom did the second time as he did the first time. He hit a better chip. I thought I hit a pretty good putt, but it just didn't turn. So pretty disappointing, but again, I had a great week.

MODERATOR: How long was your putt there in the second playoff hole would you say.

PETER SENIOR: I had about a five-footer.

MODERATOR: If you just want to ask me the question and I'll repeat it for the transcriber.

Q. Did you think you made the putt on the first playoff hole??

PETER SENIOR: Well, it looked like it was going to go to the left and it was right on the right edge of the hole, and the last three feet, it just went dead straight. I really thought with three feet to go, I definitely holed it, but it stayed pretty straight. But it stayed pretty straight on the second playoff hole coming down the other way, it just looked like it had to go that way.

Q. You've got your son Mitchell caddying for you.this week and it must be a great experience with you two bonding out there. Just talk about him caddying for you.

PETER SENIOR: Well, last year was my first time on the Champions Tour and I brought my whole family last year, brought my two girls and Mitchell as well, and we spent the whole year here. I thought I may only get one chance being on the Champions Tour and I was going to have a really good time. It was the best family year I've ever had because the girls and my wife were there every week. It was just great having them around.

This year was a little different. My oldest girl, she's school teacher, so she went back to teaching. My youngest, Jasmine, she's 18, she's doing a science degree at university on the Gold Coast. And I knew if I left Mitchell at home, they wouldn't look after him. I made him an ultimatum. I said, You either go to boarding school or you come and caddie for me. So it was a really difficult decision for him, but it's been great.

You know, I've always been a little disappointed on the course when things aren't going right, but Mitch has just been absolutely fantastic. He comes up with some of the weirdest things. You know, I told him before that -- I'd have a three-putt and I'd be mumbling to myself to the next tee and all of a sudden Mitch would say, Jeez, Dad, did you see how good I raked that bunker back there? You know, just completely random. We'd be walking around, I'd be muttering to myself. He'll say, Gee, how many of these girls are looking at me today, Dad? It's just been great to have him on the back. We've spent quite a bit of time these last two months together and I think we're going to have a great year.

Q. Peter, what did you need to do when the day started to get yourself in a position to win??

PETER SENIOR: Well, with all the guys at the top of the leaderboard and the weather as good as it was and the course receptive, I felt starting at 9-under, I'd probably have to get to 15. But there was a few really tough little pins today on the front edges and I think the front edge pins are the hardest on any golf course.

You've got the little banks in front and you have a drop-away behind, so it's very hard to get the right distance, so I think everybody had a little trouble on those. I felt this morning would be a little better today. I had plenty of chances, but just didn't convert them. I played the par 5s really well because I had a couple of good eagle chances and just three-putted the 7th, that was my only blemish today. All in all, I played pretty well and I'm really happy with the way I'm going.

MODERATOR: Peter, thank you very much. You're getting close.