What they said: Nick Price

May 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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MODERATOR: Well, Nick, thanks for joining us. Maybe just some thoughts on your round, 4-under 68, a pretty nice day today.

NICK PRICE: I was surprised, you know, that the scoring was as low as it is, but I think yesterday, you know, playing in the pro-am, the wind was gusting a lot so it made it a lot trickier yesterday.

They had some tough pins out there today, but I think the saving grace was the fact the greens were pretty soft. The ball wasn't releasing a lot on the green, particularly after the last two weeks we played Outback and then Legends where the greens were both very firm. It's allowing us, when you get a good yardage, to pretty much take dead aim here.

But for me, I played solid all day today. A couple of loose tee shots, but I think more than anything else I putted very, very solid today. That's good. I went back to the putter that I won at Toshiba with and I just seem to have a better feel with it and I seem to be able to aim better with it.

But a lot of good iron shots today. Between the three of us today we had probably about six or seven balls that had mud on them, so the course is still taking a little bit of time to dry out, unless they're watering it an awful lot. But we did have some mud balls and that's a little -- it's a little difficult when some of these pins are tucked in difficult -- you know, hard positions where you really just are trying to get the ball on the green.

Other than that, the course was beautiful. What a great day for golf today. Mid 70s. We had a lot of people out there for us for a Thursday, and I'm beginning to think more and more this is such a wonderful fit for this tradition with Hall Thompson and obviously what he's tried to create with this golf course and what he has created. Hopefully, we've found a home. It definitely has a major championship feel for us because of all the corporate hospitality around the golf course and I think it's a wonderful place for people to come watch golf. There are a lot of great vantage places, and if they keep serving free cold beer out here, I'm sure there will be a lot of people out here on Sunday.

MODERATOR: Birdies, start at number 4.

NICK PRICE: 4, I hit a 5-iron for my second shot in about 12 feet. Then --

MODERATOR: Three in a row.

NICK PRICE: Par 5, I had a 2-hybrid that I hit right on the front edge of the green and I had probably, I don't know, probably about a 90-, maybe a 90-foot putt to put it up about six feet short and made that for birdie.

Then 6th hole, a 7-iron from about 165, hit that probably 10 feet.

And then 8, I hit a 7-iron again to about probably 22 feet, made that.

Then first bogey was on the par 3 -- I'm sorry, number 12. I had mud on the ball.

The ball went in the left-hand bunker, hit it out about four foot, four, five feet, hit a really good putt on the top right-hand edge, missed, got up and down.

Good save on the next hole after hitting it in the bunker. And then 16 -- 15, hit a drive and a pitching wedge to about eight feet behind the hole.

16, a 5-iron to probably 20 feet, 24 feet left of the hole, pin high, and made that.

Then 17 was a bit of a nightmare for me. I didn't hit a particularly good tee shot and laid up with a 7-iron. I had not a very good lie in the fairway, the ball was sitting on the downslope in kind of a skinny part of the fairway, and the ball kind of squirreled out of there with a sand wedge and went in the right-hand bunker and I hit a bunker shot out and 2-putted for six.

Then 18 I had a good chance for birdie but, you know, a couple of shots I would like to have over again, but all in all, a really solid day for me.

Q. I was just going to say I missed the shot on 18. How close did you come??

NICK PRICE: Probably about 25 feet right of the hole, pin high, hit a driver and 8-iron. It was downwind today, but hit it right where you want to hit it if you're not going to go at the flag. I hit a good putt and just left it short, probably three, four inches short of the hole.

MODERATOR: Nick, yesterday you had expressed some concern about if they played all the tees back or whatever. How did you find the --

NICK PRICE: I thought they did a great job today, I really do. We were back on number 4, but that was a driver and a 5-iron or a 4-iron, depending which is -- that's fair. I mean, if they go back to the other tee, we're going to be hitting in hybrids and a lot of guys will be hitting 3-woods to that green, which I don't think is right.

Then 9 played downwind today, so that played a lot shorter. But 12, we were up on the front tee and that was a driver and a 4-, 5-iron for most of us. That's pretty stout holes. They're all around about 450, 460 depending on where they put the pins, so I think they did a great job today.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Nick.