What they said: Tom Lehman

May 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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MODERATOR: Thanks for joining us. You had a very happy bogey-free 67.

TOM LEHMAN: Yeah, I like the no bogeys. No matter what I shoot, if I play bogey-free, I'm usually pretty happy, so today was no different. Made a couple of nice saves when I had to, but otherwise it was a pretty low-stress round.

MODERATOR: Birdies, start at number 3.

TOM LEHMAN: Yeah, par 5, poor drive in the bunker, had to lay it up and hit a nice 60, lob wedge, to maybe eight feet and made that putt. The following hole, which I think is one of the best holes on the course, I actually hit probably the best shot of the day. I hit a 5-iron to about 200 yards, something like that, to about four feet and made that birdie.

The next birdie came on 7. What is 7? Seven is a par 4 -- oh, yeah, good tee shot and 9-iron to about 15 feet, I made that. Then the 10th hole, kind of pulled my tee shot in the left first tight cut of rough, just off the fairway, hit an 8-iron to really a good shot to about maybe eight feet, made that.

Then the last birdie came on 17, driver and a 3-wood, beautiful 3-wood, landed just on the front of the green or just on the fringe and just hopped past the hole. It was about maybe 25 feet just past the hole and hit a beautiful putt that looked like it couldn't miss but it did, and then tapped in for birdie.

I think the key really shot for me today was the par 3, 13 I think it is, hit it in the right bunker and hit a pretty good bunker shot but had 15 feet for par and I made it. So I think typically those are the big putts, the ones that keep the momentum going and keep your round going and that was the putt for me.

MODERATOR: Questions?

Q. It seems like maybe a little bit lower scores for some of you guys than some people were expecting. Were you a little surprised or do you kind of --

TOM LEHMAN: Well, the greens are perfect, you know, and they're holding, so I think for starters, when the greens are rolling true and they're holding, when you get the right club in your hand, you can attack the pin. It was a nice day to play. There was a little bit of breeze and it kind of shifted around a bit, kind of here and there, it'd go this way and then that way, but overall I thought the course was very playable. It was open for a good score, I think there's a lot of good scoring as a result.

Sometimes when you play with other really good players, it kind of motivates you. I thought I had a really good pairing with Jay and Fred. Fred got off to a poor start but finished strong. Jay played well all day with the exception of a misstep on the 14th hole. You know, your playing partners, they can kind of be motivating or inspiring, you know, so it was a good pairing for me.

Q. You mentioned playing bogey-free. On a course like this where there's plenty of opportunities for bogeys out there, are you a little surprised that you made it through and how pleasing overall, kind of elaborate on how pleasing that is to you.

TOM LEHMAN: Yeah. You know what, I drove the ball well. For the most part, I drove the ball in the fairway all day long. I maybe hit a few shots that weren't all that great, but most of my tee shots were in the fairway and in play, and I do think it's the kind of course that when you get the right club and the right pin, you can attack it, and if you feel awkward or have bad yardage or a shot you don't feel good with, you don't even mess with it. You just try to take it to the fat side, two putts from maybe 20 or 30 feet, but get out with par.

There's shots today, for example that 11th hole, the par 5, I find to be a really awkward hole. I hit a pretty good tee shot, but the wind's at our face, laid it up. Even though I had a sand wedge, the wind was kind of hurling from the right to a back-right pin, it just felt like an awkward, awkward shot for me. I hit it 30 feet left of the hole and two-putted. But to me, that's the way to play the course. When you get uncomfortable or feeling like you don't have a good club, good yardage, you just try to make a par.

Q. Maybe this is the kind of run you're on lately, it's something you're kind of used to, but do you feel that confident coming in every round these days??

TOM LEHMAN: You know what, my swing has been pretty consistent, you know, producing a really basically very repetitive pattern, and so therefore, I feel like even if I'm not playing my best, I can hit enough good shots to hopefully make a decent score. Some days it goes better than others and you get a round like today, and other days it doesn't go as well, but I still feel like that I'm capable of keeping myself in the game, just try and keep the game really simple.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TOM LEHMAN: Pebble Beach to me is -- one of the reasons why it's one of my favorite courses is how much the course can change with the weather. There's some courses when it's great weather or windy, the separation of the scores, you know, that I might shoot may not be that significant. But Pebble Beach, it can play five shots tougher, it can play eight shots tougher, it can play 10 shots tougher when the wind blows.

So one of my most vivid memories of Pebble was playing in the U.S. Open the year that Tom Kite won on Sunday when the wind blew so hard, you know, if you broke 80, you didn't play too badly. So I just feel that that's part of what makes the golf course so incredible is just the way it changes with the conditions.

MODERATOR: Thanks, Tom.