What they said: Scott Hoch

April 24, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MODERATOR: It looked like everybody was going to make a par and go to the next hole.

SCOTT HOCH: Exactly. And I wanted to get to 10 because I made two birdies and eagle on that hole this week so I felt pretty good about it, but they -- from what I gather, they made a 35-footer on 18, that birdie, the playoff. And Kenny's looked like it was going in the hole and somehow it missed. Yeah, I thought I had a pretty good putt and I thought I made mine, and he just hit a poor putt. It's the only poor putt he hit. He did so much for the team, he played well, just hate -- you know, leaves it sour. You would rather lose to a birdie obviously than make a bogey and we didn't come close to making a bogey all week.

MODERATOR: How did you read your putt??

SCOTT HOCH: I read my at left center.

MODERATOR: Left center??

SCOTT HOCH: Yeah, I think I probably -- I might have pushed it a hair, but I thought I had enough speed.

MODERATOR: One of those deals. Do you feel encouraged though with all the stuff you've gone through that --

SCOTT HOCH: No, this is a setback week for me because I hurt myself before I even played in the pro-am and it just -- and I was able to get through the front 9 most of the days, but then it really started bothering me after that. I mean, I hit something that really hurt in the pro-am and then today I hit about six inches behind the drive and hit it about 50 yards in the water. It just gave on me. No pain, but that's -- it's not encouraging for me. I mean, I'm encouraged the way we finished, but as far as my game individually, I think it was a setback this week for me.