What they said: Sandy Lyle, Peter Senior

April 23, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MODERATOR: Okay. Sandy Lyle and Peter Senior shoot 61 today, and at 124, 20-under right now, they are tied for the lead. 30 on the back 9, pretty good, and you seemed to gel together.

A few opening comments from each you of about the round.

PETER SENIOR: I started pretty erratic. Sandy started really well, birdied three of the first four holes. It really helps if you get off to a good start, settled me down a little bit, and then from the 7th hole I played reasonably well. You know, we're both putting pretty well and I think that's the key to anything is you've just got to hole putts. There's plenty of birdie opportunity and we've made the most of them.

SANDY LYLE: I think the main thing is also we've avoided having bogeys or whatever on the same hole. Last year we had five bogeys over the three days, which is, you know, it's not good. We've had one bogey this week so far, which was on a par 5 hole, but I hope that's the worst we're going to be, and the same hole today, we managed to make a birdie under the bushes, didn't you? Pretty amazing, out of the swamp from about 80 yards, gets on the green and holed a long putt. So that's good. So far we've all played and ham-and-egged it as good as you can get. I mean, other than we didn't birdie the 14th hole which is like a giveaway hole for a birdie there, but other than that, we're very, very happy with 61. I had a little chance on the 18th from about 10-, 12-feet for a birdie, first time in about three years, but I managed to miss it. Too much excitement, I think. 61's a good score, we're happy, and hopefully tomorrow we can do the same thing.

MODERATOR: Okay. You touched on it briefly, but can we just go over any highlights, any long putts? And you talked about the birdie, being in the swamp. Do you want to go through the details on that?

PETER SENIOR: Yesterday we both hit it in the right hazard. Today we both hit it down the middle of the fairway. I hit my rescue a little left, I was surprised it ran so far. It went in probably a yard or so into the garbage on the left-hand side and I was up against a little bit of a tree and I just smashed it out with a sand iron, got it on the front edge and then holed it from about 25 feet, so it was a real bonus.

SANDY LYLE: It's very helpful having those Popeye forearms you see. He managed to take out lots of weeds and whatever else was coming out. No crocodiles fell out. He got onto the green and made a damn good putt.

I think I made a good putt on 17, which was a nice little perk for the day because that hole's really sort of cost me over the years, you know, not making birdies, generally making pars and really going backwards. That was a nice little bonus on there. It would even be better to make the putt at 18, but other than that we're very happy.

MODERATOR: What did you hit into 17??

SANDY LYLE: I had a solid 7-iron, which is 204, 205, so it was about 35, 40 feet away, uphill putt.

PETER SENIOR: Straight in the middle.

MODERATOR: Okay. Sandy, I know you've got a bit of confidence going after the win on the European Senior Tour in China about a month ago. Do you want to talk about that coming in here with a little confidence??

SANDY LYLE: Well, I think generally the chances, when you criticize yourself and if you haven't won anything for nearly 20-odd years, doing something like winning in China, right down to the last few holes it was getting very, very close, and pulled it off, it does give you a little bit of a help, yes. I've been needing that for a long time just to sort of answer my own questions in itself. You know, you can perform at a high level against these players and coming here this week and having Peter, knowing how steady a player he is and how many birdies he makes in a round, we've obviously got a little luck and a chance of winning this week. So it helped settle my nerves a little bit. I feel comfortable in the situation where I'm in, and hopefully the win I had a month ago will pay dividends tomorrow when it matters.

MODERATOR: Just go to questions, wait for the mic. Nathan??

Q. Hi. Welcome to the media center. Sandy, I believe you've gotten close here a few times. What is it going to take tomorrow, do you think??

SANDY LYLE: Well, if you look at the history of this, the tournament, under par with Watson and North, they were getting into the 30 range and I think we need to get to at least, you know, 29, 30 to stand a good chance. A lot of it depends on how they set up the holes and the pins and what the wind's doing, but I would think a lot of the pins are very accessible for making birdies. It's going to be a close one. This is the sort of tournament, you just can't take it lightly. Even if you've got a two-shot lead, it can come whizzing past you and you'll feel like you're going at a walking pace. So it takes a lot of birdies and we just need to get off to a good solid start and keep going. That's the thing. You can't look back, otherwise people go straight past you.

Q. And same prediction??

PETER SENIOR: Yeah, pretty much so. The course, there's a heap of birdie opportunities out there. A little bit of run on the fairways so the holes are a little shorter than they would be normally. When you've got two guys firing at it, there's a lot of opportunity to make some birdies.

Q. I think all the golfers this week talked about bogeys as if it was akin to dying or something. With only three rounds to play with and the way things are happening, is that the real intent? Birdies is just keeping pace and bogey is like two steps back?

PETER SENIOR: Well, when you do make a bogey, you feel like you dropped two because more often than not the other team will birdie on the same hole. Bogey is the most disastrous, especially when you've got two scores to count. It's like making a double bogey in a normal tournament.

MODERATOR: Okay. Congratulations. Good luck tomorrow.

PETER SENIOR: Thank you.