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The days of bulky carry bags bogging down a round are long gone. With the introduction of lightweight materials and new technology, some bags, like Oakley's Factory Lite model, can weigh less than three pounds.

The Factory Lite actually comes in at 2.85 pounds -- Sun Mountain's Two 5 bag weighs just 2.5 pounds -- thanks to a puncture-proof, rip stock nylon (the same material used for mountain climbers' tents) that accounts for a majority of the material covering the bag frame.

Instead of going with standard aluminum stand legs, designers opted to go with a stronger (and lighter) carbon fiber that's currently used in Oakley sunglasses. The side and ball pockets were also trimmed down.

The side pocket — made from a lightweight, breathable mesh — is about half the length of a normal side pocket and has enough room for a rainsuit. The ball pocket, which holds a dozen balls, rangefinder, tees and gloves, has a shortened zipper that cuts down on the overall weight of the bag.

To bring the weight down even further, EVA foam -- the same material you find in shoes -- was placed in the straps, making them lighter and more durable. Aluminum rivets, 28 in total, were also added in place of 40 heavy steel rivets.

"The Factory Lite bag is extremely light, but it's also very functional," said Dave Ortley, Oakley's global director of footwear and accessories. "We really took a close look and tried to come up with a final product that had smart additions people would appreciate."

Oakley's Factory Lite bag is available for $200.

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