Open interview: Brian Harman

October 10, 2013

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Q. You got to be really pleased with that.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah. I got off to a good start. Made some putts. Stayed real down to earth and didn't get too up or too down. It was a round that you hope to start with.

Q. Your iron play was really good. I thought it was an A all day long.

Yeah, it's something that I really struggled with the last couple years on TOUR, so this off‑season I really put a lot of work into controlling my distances and different trajectory. I'm glad for at least today it paid off okay.

Q. You like this golf course obviously.

I do. Any time you can get an old country boy out the here looking at turkeys and deer up on the hill, funny enough way out here in California. It's a beautiful place, and I'm real happy to be here.

Q. The important question: Georgia or Missouri Saturday? Does Missouri have a chance to win in Athens?

Nah. Dogs will cover. They should handle those boys.

Q. How long you been working on the iron play?

Well, all of the last two years really, and I really kind of found something this off‑season and I've just been kind of going with it ever since.

Q. Do you work with someone?

Yeah. Jack Lupmkins is my teacher down in Saint Simons.

Q. Anything specific you did over the break?

I had fooled around with a bunch of different iron shots and just really stuck with one and tried to make it my own, you could say, to really get it honed in.

Q. How would you describe the last season and what you were trying to do better this year?

Last year was a grind. I really didn't play very well at all in stretches. Played well a couple times. Played well enough to keep my card, thank goodness.

It was just really tough with my year being so short. I felt a little bit more freed up this year that we've got a full year and I can kind of pick and choose where I want to play. I felt like I had to play every week last year.

Q. What did you do during the break?

I did a little bit of fishing. Just chilling at home really.

Q. Not grinding or anything.

I been working really hard the last two weeks. But after the playoffs I didn't touch 'em for I guess three weeks.