Interview: Jonas Blixt

October 09, 2013

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Q.  Before I start asking questions, I need a hole description for 15, the par‑5.  568 yards.
Go ahead.

So hole 15 here at CordeValle.  It's 568 yards long, and there is a left bunker that is 280 yards away.  I tried to avoid that one and aim at the second bunker on the left.
If I avoid those bunker, I have a relatively long iron into the green.  It's not too much water.  The water is left of the green and the bunker are not too bad.  So that's Plan A.  That's when I'm trying to make my birdie or eagle.
If I don't hit a good tee shot I would layup right or left of the creek depending on my lie and have a pretty short wedge into the green.  That's Plan B.

Q.  Excellent.  You've done that before, haven't you?

Laid up, yes.  I was going for it.

Q.  Let's talk about being the defending champion.  Exciting.  I'm sure.  Is it nerve-racking?  Does it bring any added expectations at all?

Well, I expect myself to play well this week.  I like the golf course.  I've played well here before.  I love the place.
So feel like I'm in pretty good shape.  Didn't have really the way I wanted to prepare for it, but still feel like I can play pretty good golf.
I'm just really excited.  I think that's the biggest thing coming into this week, that you're so excited to play the golf course that that's going to help me make a couple more birdies.

Q.  Is it hard to get your arms around the fact this it's the start to a new season as opposed to a fall season?  Is there any different feelings in that regard?

  No.  I mean the leaves are still turning yellow and red, so I think for us players, you know, it's a golf tournament.  We come here to win it.
I get excited every time I tee up, so don't really have as much pressure as you thought.  I think I put it on myself during the FedExCup Playoffs, but it's always exciting for me to play a golf tournament.

Q.  Lastly, I talked to you at Deutsche Bank, and you said you were experimenting, changing some thing in the swing.  You played really well that day.  How is the game right now, and have those changes taken hold?

I got one more to kind of figure out, but I think I the rest of them have been settling in.  I think the biggest part for me was I was so tired.  Just played so much golf this year, and it was hard‑‑ my brain wanted to do something and my body didn't want to do it.
I think these two and a half weeks that I got off just been helping me to get my body and mind the way it's supposed to be.

Q.  Go get 'em.

  Thank you.