TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola interview: Dustin Johnson

September 21, 2013

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THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Dustin Johnson to the interview room. It was a long day, but at least we got it done. Now looking at the leaderboard, it's not as much of a lead, is it? It looked like it at 27 holes.

Maybe just talk about today and your position heading into Sunday.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I played really good today, just really solid all day long. Made a lot of good shots and had a lot of looks at birdies and made one bogey today, which is I thought I was playing pretty tough out there. So I'm very pleased with that.
Obviously, on 18 I made a long putt for par after a terrible bunker shot. It was just you know, with it raining pretty constant the last nine holes, it made it a little tough.

Q. Mathematically, you're still alive for the $10 million.

I haven't gone that far.

Q. You didn't take math at Coastal Carolina?

They didn't require math.

Q. Bogey free for 14 holes. I'm still talking about your record.

You got to play good. It's more with just driving it. I'm not driving a lot. When I did miss the fairway, it was just off. It was on a hole where I could get it on the screen from the rough.

So it was just a good solid stretch of golf. I think I've played about the same from when I teed off until now. I'm just hitting the ball solid, hitting it where I'm looking.

If I can keep driving it straight, then I'm going to give him a run tomorrow.

Q. So that, it looked like for a second, Henrik was going to run away with this, and now you've given yourself a fighting chance. What mindset are you into Sunday with, and what is it going to take to catch him?

I'm just going to keep doing the same things I was doing today. Try to get it in the fairway off the tee. Once I do that, figure out how to get it close to the hole.

Q. What are some of the difficulties playing in the rain? Since it's been pretty much raining on the back nine, as you were talking about.

Well, the clubs get wet. The ball gets wet. So then sometimes it will squirt on you a little bit. It's just it's more annoying just keeping trying to keep all the clubs dry and keep yourself dry, your gloves, your grips. It gets real tedious, so it slows things down a little bit.

You know, it's not but it wasn't too bad. It wasn't like it was wind was blowing hard, and the rain was coming in sideways.

Q. Did it seem like you had kind of a whatever attitude last week in Chicago. Are you more excited now?

Definitely a lot more excited. Leaving Chicago, I was just more frustrated that I was struggling. That golf course was actually I like the golf course. I just really struggled.

I struggle with the putter more than anything. I three putted like ten times or something last week. Just wasn't holing anything.

So this week, obviously, after I got in on Monday, just came out and did a lot of work with the putter and the golf swing with Butch and the club.

Q. Dustin, at one point the lead was, I think, nine. I'm just curious, did you notice that? Did it help either way if you noticed it or didn't notice it?

Honestly, I didn't. I knew he was at 13 under at one point. I don't know if he got any higher than that.
So I didn't know if he had dropped any shots, but I figured he was at 13. I was just trying to get as many looks at birdie as I could and just trying to hole it.

Q. I wanted to ask you about two holes. I'll do one at a time to keep you on point if I can.

The 4th hole, you hit a provisional there, right, and ended up making birdie?

Yeah, I just hit it down the right side. I didn't know. I don't think I ever hit it that far to the right of the hole. Just ended up hitting it down the right side. It ended up being okay. I had to hook it around the tree to get it on the green.

Had a great shot and rolled in a putt.

Q. Second hole I wanted to ask was 17. Did you fear your ball had gone in the water off the side of the green? Did you feel you made the chip after that?

I knew once I saw it bounce that I was hoping it would be okay. I was hoping it didn't land on the down side. If it would have floated another two yards, it would have gone in the water for sure. Once I saw it bounce, I knew I was all right. Definitely would have made the chip shot for sure.

Q. Dustin, you have a chance to win tomorrow but still maybe not win the FedExCup. Do you like that? Do you agree with how the points are handed out? Do you feel like the winner here should also win the FedExCup?

I mean, there's so many different ways they could do it, but I think the way they're doing it is good. It's worked pretty well the last few years. It kind of gives everyone a chance.

So I kind of like it, but I'm going to just go out, do whatever I can to win the golf tournament or to put some pressure on Henrik and see what happens.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you Dustin.