BMW Championship interview: Nick Watney

September 16, 2013

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NICK WATNEY:  Starting today, I figured I had maybe an outside shot, but there's so many good players ahead of me that I knew I'd need something special.  I got off to a really good start, and then No. 8, still not quite sure what happened, but maybe a little loss of focus or something.  So at that point I thought I'd have to really step on it to have any kind of chance.  Even playing maybe on 14, I think Furyk was at 15 under.  It never really entered my head until I saw going to 17 I was one back, and was able to make birdie there.  So now I'm waiting it out.

Q.  Really nice putt I thought on 18, as well, just slid right below the cup on you.
Yeah, all you can ask for really is I would have loved to have hit it closer, obviously.  But all you can ask for is a chance there, and I hit a good putt.
You know, I did all I can do, and now just wait and see what happens.

Q.  I saw you watching the scoreboards out there today.
Yeah, I was.  I like to know where I'm at.  I think it definitely helped on 17.  It was really, really fun.  I haven't been in this position for a while, and to get back in the heat is awesome.

Q.  Is it a little strange to see yourself right at the top of the leaderboard?
No, not strange.  That's where we try to be.  I knew I needed a big day, and I was a bit nervous just because I felt like there was a lot on the line.  I got off to a really nice start, and hoping for a playoff.

Q.  Will you go out there and watch some live or watch on TV?
Yeah, I'll probably go inside and try to relax a little bit.  I would assume that one of those two guys is going to make a birdie, but I guess you never know in this game.  I would love a chance.

Q.  Are you thinking at all about your FedExCup position, just trying to get inside that top 30?
  Yeah, that was definitely a goal starting this week.  You know, starting the Playoffs I was well outside, and I knew you could move up quickly in this format, but to come in at    I don't know what, 34 maybe, I knew I needed to have a good week.  The guys ahead of me were ahead of me for a reason.  They've been playing well all year.  Luckily for me I kind of pulled everything together.

Q.  Did you sneak a peek during the round in terms of your FedExCup projection?
I mean, I kind of figured    obviously I was aware of it to start the day for sure.  But after I birdied the 13th hole, I kind of thought that I was going to make it to Atlanta.  And then it was just about trying to make as many as I could to see if I could put a little pressure on those guys.  Jim and Zach are two of the best wedge players we have, and 18 will be a wedge.  Outside shot at it, but like I say, you never know, and I'd love a chance.

Q.  Was it one of those days that you could just keep the pedal to the metal type of thing?
Yeah, I did everything pretty well today.  I drove it in a lot of fairways and putted really, really well.  I'm excited.  I'm really excited for next week, and I'd love to have a chance if those guys don't make a birdie.