BMW Championship interview: Jim Furyk

September 16, 2013

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Q. I know you love to bring your absolute best stuff on a day like today.  Seemed like a little bit of a struggle early just to find the fairway.
You know, I hit the ball pretty good.  Once I got past 1 and 3, I missed those two fairways, but I was just trying to hit like little bunt cuts and I double crossed both of them.  I had a good birdie putt at 1 that didn't go; hit a bad second shot at 3.  But I played beautiful.  4, I made birdie; missed a six footer for birdie on 5; hit a beautiful 4 iron at 6.  I mean, I had my chances on the front nine, and I'm disappointed with 7, 8, 9; wedges in your hand, I make no birdies.  Hit some good wedges on 7 and 8, didn't make the putts.
You know, 1 under on the front was kind of    I really felt like about as bad as I could have played.  I think I only missed one, and I missed two greens on the front.
On the back side I kind of felt about after birdieing 10 and was off to the races.  When I look back, the long three putt at 11 and missing that, say, four  or five footer, whatever it was for par on 13, those two holes kind of hit me in the tail, and it was tough to    I guess had it not been for Zach, I would have still had a really good opportunity to win the golf tournament.  I birdied 14 and thought I flagged my wedge at 15 and got caught up in the wind.
I hit the ball plenty good enough, but I didn't make the putts when I needed to, and I think that was kind of the story of our group.  Strick hit some beautiful putts today and lipped a bunch out, and it just seemed like he was all over the hole, and we didn't see a bunch go in today.

Q.  And it seemed like obviously there were times out there when you guys together it looked like you were about to make a run, and then it just wouldn't materialize.

Yeah, I think we had some momentum going, and I felt good walking to the 11th tee.  I've played that back side pretty good this week.  I liked the wind conditions and the way they were.  It kind of neutralized the par 5s for me.  That was kind of the wind that I played my good round in on Friday, so I felt good about where the pins were and my chances.  And really, I don't know if I used them all up on Friday and knocked them all in or what, but I just wasn't able to get the putts to go.

Q.  You began the day with the lead but are not holding the championship trophy at the end of the day.  How would you best describe your day today?
Well, I think from tee to green it was plenty good enough.  I think on the greens and around the greens, not even really around the greens, I hit some beautiful pitch shots and bunker shots today.  But from say holes 6 through 18 I just didn't putt well enough.  I didn't knock in enough putts.
I hit some good ones that didn't go in, hit a couple bad ones, but I don't know if I used them all up on Friday or not, but Strick and I had a hard time getting it going on the greens today.

Q.  After leaving here today will you think about the positives of being in the mix or maybe the disappointment in the fact that you weren't able to hold on to that 54 hole lead and win?
Well, I think it'll be a little of both.  You know, I think the wrong way to ever think about a lead is holding on.  I never looked at it as I have to hold on to the lead.  It's like being    it would have been like being 12 under on Friday and just trying to hold on.  That's a definite bogey waiting to happen.  I really felt like today the idea was to go out aggressive, hit the ball at the pins, try to shoot 4  or 5 under, make the rest of the field chase me.  I just wasn't able to do it.  I'll have a little bit of both.  I'll be disappointed I didn't win, but I've got some positives.  I'm playing really well on a golf course I like next week in Atlanta, and a win there could do some damage.

Q.  The 59, where does that rank?
I don't know.  It's going to take some time.  Right now, on Monday after the 4th round and finishing third, it doesn't mean that much right this second.  But I was excited on Friday.  When I'm done and retired, it'll be one of the probably three highlights of my career.

Q.  How many people this week were walking around calling you Mr. 59, and did it take some getting used to?
I've heard it a little bit.  It's awkward.  I got a nice text from Al Geiberger a couple nights ago, and in that text I said that it just feels awkward to be called Mr. 59 because he is "the" Mr. 59, and the rest of us maybe just get to borrow it.
I don't think I'd ever get used to that.  Al is going to be Mr. 59 forever.

Q.  You talked about it a little the other day, but when you got out there was there some pressure to try to win after doing that, or do you have to put that  
I don't understand the front part of that question.

Q.  After shooting 59, to follow it up with a win, or do you put that out of your mind and  
No, I think that was out of my mind.  Maybe the hard day was Saturday, to come back immediately right after, but then after sitting on my rear end all day watching football yesterday, that was long behind us.  The task at hand was to try to go out and fire a good number.  I wanted to shoot a 3 , 4 , 5 under today and make the field catch me.  It looks like it would have taken 3, and I kind of felt like that was the case just because of the way it was stacked up.

Q.  Was the change in the weather kind of interesting starting out, the way it was on Wednesday and Thursday and then the big rainstorm  
I'll say people up here are damned tough because the weather is awful.  (Laughter.)  It's either 150 degrees in the summer or cold in the winter and changes every 10 minutes.  But it really didn't    the golf course wasn't that wet.  It made some of the lies in the fairways and around the greens a little sticky, but for the most part the golf course there was still some bounce to the ball.  I mean, it drained plenty fine.
In this wind it probably made the golf course a little bit more scorable in that we could control the ball on the greens a little bit and stop the ball better.

Q.  Did you use the wind to your advantage?
  Well, you try, but it usually wins.

Q.  I know you won at Cog Hill, but how did Conway Farms stack up as a venue in comparison?
Totally different types of golf courses.  You know, this has got a little    you know, I usually typically don't like very many new golf courses, although this was built, I guess, over 20 years ago.  But it reminded me, I play a Fazio course at home.  It reminded me of a very typical Fazio.  You know, generous off the fairway I will say, which when it was firm and fast you still had to pay mind, but you should be    I think I had a streak of like 32 fairways in a row.  You should be able to hit a lot of fairways out here.
It's really a second shot golf course in that the greens are very severe.  I think the one thing that they have that's difficult here is it's difficult on our staff to set this place up in that there's a lot of greens that are very big that don't have four flat hole locations.  They had to really scramble, and there was a couple, I will say, sketchy pins this week.  But I'm not really criticizing our staff as much as I'm not sure where else they could have put them, and the 5th green is one of those.
Overall I thought it was a good golf course.  The severity, though, and the difficulty of this golf course is the greens, and if they were rolling at a pace of 10 and kind of soft, someone is going to tear it up because you can get the ball on the fairway and control it, and it makes it difficult to make it real firm and fast.