BMW Championship interview: Slugger White

September 15, 2013

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MARK STEVENS: We'd like to welcome Slugger White, Vice President For Rules and Operations of the PGA TOUR. Slugger, if you want to just kind of open up with some general remarks on where we stand and then we'll have some questions.

SLUGGER WHITE: Well, I really don't know what to say other than we've had a pretty trying day. We did everything we possibly could to try to get this thing in, but it just wasn't going to happen, unfortunately. We didn't think we were going to have this accumulation of rain. Yesterday when we left we thought it was going to be about six hours of maybe constant rain but just an accumulation of maybe a half an inch, and that's not too much in a six hour period we didn't feel like. That's where we were basically with that.

Q. How much fell?

I think we have just a little over an inch right now.

Q. How many hours?

How many hours in a day? 24 usually.

It started this morning when we got I was here at 6:00, and it was raining when I got here. How many hours is that? What is it, 3:00 now? About 10 hours, yeah.

Q. How is tomorrow's forecast?

It's pretty good. We've got maybe some scattered lake showers in the morning, but for the most part of the day, we feel pretty good that we might see some sunshine tomorrow, and it's going to be better as the day goes on.

Q. How does the course look?

Well, unfortunately when we started at 1:30 when we got back out there again and we played for an hour, when we went back out at about 4:00, it wasn't near what we expected. It wasn't even close to what we had when we started at 1:30. That was the reason there was no sense in going back out. It drains pretty well when it gets going, but Mother Nature just won't give us a break here as far as shutting this faucet off.

Q. How many hours' worth of golf do you estimate we have left if they get off on time tomorrow?

About six hours. The last time is 9:40, and add about four hours to that. So we're looking right about six hours.

Q. What was the worst of the course?

3 stopped us the first time, on the green, and then the 9th hole, the 10th hole, the 12th hole and the 3rd hole again were our I mean, there was no place to go. Casual water was going to take us to where we couldn't play.

Q. Anyone yell at you today?

Not today. That I remember.