BMW Championship interview: Jim Furyk

September 15, 2013

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Q. Well, depending on how you look at it, I don't know how that news came to you. Just some comments on the day.

JIM FURYK: There was a lot of good NFL games on today. I think there was three or four games decided by a point. Obviously being in Chicago we had the Bears on, but we also had DirecTV and watched a lot of them here on the iPad.

You know, I guess there's good and bad news. The bad news, obviously I'm anxious to get out there and play, as is everyone else, but the good news is no one wants to go out and play in this and slop it around in bad weather on a golf course where we're playing the ball down and it's probably a little too wet out there.

I think this rain is supposed to pass here in a little while, and it's supposed to get windy tomorrow. Hopefully the course will dry up nicely, and it's going to be a different golf course tomorrow. It was real firm and fast all week. I expect that won't be the case tomorrow with all the rain we got today, but it's going to be windy, kind of like what we saw earlier in the week.

You know, at this point after sitting around all day, it's probably a positive because it was looking like if I did get out on the golf course it would have only been for a hole or two, and it's tough to get real excited about that.

Q. Not to overanalyze the situation, but as far as mindset, after a 59 is there a mindset that you've got to clear your mind of on a day like this, or is it one of those things?

No, I don't think the fact that I played a good round on Friday is gone now. I've kind of dealt with that emotion yesterday, on Saturday, and really now it's trying to focus on playing a solid round and trying to win a golf tournament, as is a bunch of guys in the field.

It's the same for everyone, so really it's not any harder or easier on me than anyone else. We're all in the same boat, and being a veteran and a guy that's played out here for 20 years, I've definitely gone through my share of these, so it is what it is.

Q. How much are you still filtering in stuff from the round?

Still a bit. I did hear in the pressroom they had asked me who I had heard from that shot 59, and I said Goydos and Russell Knox, but actually Al Geiberger got in touch with me last night by text, which was pretty cool. He said he was the honorary chairman of the club, and he wanted to say congrats. So that was nice to hear from him. And I sent back the message it just felt weird to be called Mr. 59, that he was "the" Mr. 59, and we all just get to borrow it once in a while.