BMW Championship interview: Brandt Snedeker

September 15, 2013

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Q. You had to wait all day to see whether or not you were going to play. You didn't get to the tee at all today. How weird was today, first off, for you?

BRANDT SNEDEKER: It was weird. We thought we were going to get some golf in because it didn't look like it rained too bad, just kind of had some cells pop up, and they were pretty severe. They did a great job of trying to get us out there and play, we just couldn't get it done. It was disappointing because you want to get out there and it's the Playoffs and you've got one more tournament to go. You want to get out there and finish it on time. But I'll be excited to play tomorrow.

Q. Considering the levity of this event as we move to East Lake, did the TOUR make the right decision in calling play this afternoon?

Yeah, it wasn't fair for guys that were out there. The course was underwater and a lot of water in the bunkers and the greens, and the greens were kind of underwater, so it wouldn't have been fair for those guys to play four or five holes and then go back out there and play in that. They made the right call. They did everything they could to get us teed off and they couldn't do it.

Q. You come back out and play the final round on Monday and then it's off to East Lake for you. Is it awkward, uncomfortable in this time crunch now that you have?

No, it just throws the schedule off a little bit. You're so used to getting to a tournament on Monday and having a routine, practice rounds, all that kind of stuff. Things are just going to be a little bit thrown off, but this is what we play for. We're used to this. It happens probably four or five times a year we've got to play on a Monday, so we're prepared for it. The golf course is going to be in a lot better shape tomorrow than it is today, and it should be a lot of fun playing out here, and a lot of guys with a chance tomorrow. Should be pretty good stuff to watch.