BMW Championship interview: Brandt Snedeker

September 14, 2013

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Q. Brandt, nice birdie at the last.  That has to make you feel better to get that thing back to even.
It does, yeah.  Today was a struggle.  I really hit it really poorly pretty much all day.  I had a good stretch of holes, six or eight holes where I hit it pretty good.  But from where I drove the ball today it's a miracle I shot what I shot, so I'm excited about that and get out of here with a chance tomorrow.

Q.  What did you do during the middle of the round because obviously 6, 7, that stretch, you were struggling, 8?
Yeah, I just tried to get back to one of my swing keys, one of my basic things, just get the ball in play.  I wasn't trying to work shots, just trying to hit the ball in the center of the face and get it out there.  I'm sure everybody out there knows how that feeling is sometimes.  Went back to the simple stuff and tried to get the ball in play, and I did a good job managing the round after that.  Last ten holes or nine holes I hit it pretty well, so that was a positive step in the right direction.

Q.  Not only that, you're only two shots back.
Correct, yeah.  Hopefully I've got my bad ball striking out of the way today.  Still have one round left where I kept myself in the ballgame.  You're going to have a round like today no matter what you think in the course of a four round tournament.  You're going to have a bad day, and to be able to survive today the way I did gives me a lot of confidence going into tomorrow.