BMW Championship interview: Tiger Woods

September 12, 2013

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Q. Want to start off talking about your round and your thoughts overall.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I certainly wasted a lot of shots out there today. I missed three short ones and played the par 5s stupendously. One of those days.

Q. Was the scoring about what you thought it would be?

It's a little bit lower considering the wind. The guys really took advantage of it today. The greens weren't as fast as they were yesterday, and you certainly could be a lot more aggressive, and just it was a golf course in which you could be really, really aggressive.

Q. Is the wind about the only defense?

Yeah, that's the only thing they've got, yeah, because it's warm still, so the ball was still traveling. Some of the holes we're hitting 3 wood just over 300 yards and things of that nature. The course played short.

Q. Are you happy with the 66 despite the wasted shots, or are you ...

I'm not exactly real happy. I played well, and I just didn't get much out of that round. As I said, I missed three little short ones in there and then played the par 5s even par. That's just not very good.

Q. 5 under par 66, how tricky was it out there with the windy today conditions?

It was tricky but it still was warm out. Towards the end it started dropping a little bit, the temperature, but most of the day it was warm, ball was traveling, and the greens were soft. They were so receptive you could fire at just about every flag.

Q. When you're not familiar with a golf course the way you normally are out here on the PGA TOUR, what are some of the challenges that you and Joey have to face when you're trying to maneuver your way around the 18 holes?

Well, more than anything I think it's just reading the greens. The familiarity, I just don't quite have it, and some of the putts are a little bit tricky here and there. But Joey did a great job of getting the numbers and getting a feel for the golf course, and we talked about it at length yesterday as we were playing the pro am, and what the wind direction was going to be for today and tomorrow and had a really good game plan.