Wyndham Championship interview: Patrick Reed

August 16, 2013

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JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Patrick Reed into the interview room. Our current clubhouse leader, 65, 64. Patrick, not too shabby after two rounds. Get some comments on your day.

PATRICK REED: Just hitting the ball well and you have to hit the ball solid and leave yourself below the hole as much as possible. The difficulty of putting flags just over ridges. They always seem to manage pretty well and make a lot of good putts. Just kind of key to getting into where we are.

JOHN BUSH: Over the ridges and pretty quick greens as well. Talk a little bit about the golf course and how -- it's obviously set up well for you.

Right. The greens are perfect. They're very true. They're firm and extremely fast. Everything that, you know, I like.
I like firm and fast because I hit the ball high so kind of gives me a little bit more of an advantage as well as I grew up on fast greens. To be able to putt on really fast greens like this, it's a treat.

JOHN BUSH: Questions?

Q. Patrick, I was just out there. You find it strange that more people seem to be wanting to interview your wife than you after the round?

Not at all. I don't mind having her having all the attention. Less attention for me which means I can just focus more on my game.

Q. What's the history of your -- of the caddy situation there?

You know, last year right before we started the Monday qualifying round she said that she would like to come on the bag and I said all right. We'll see.

Dead heat of the summer. Probably about 100, to 105 and humid. It's sunny. I packed it up with two full water bottles, all the rain gear and just everything for a nasty weather day. We got to see if you can do it. That day I struggled to get through the last two holes but she was fine. Just seemed to click.

From there, she -- I told her to read putts for me that day and she just has a knack for reading greens extremely well and being my wife that she's around me all the time she's always at lessons, always around me when I'm practicing so it's kind of just like -- it's basically like my coach being out there with me.

She knows just as much about the golf swing. She knows why I hit it left or right or anything like that so I mean if ever I get out of whack she can fix me immediately.

Q. Where was that 105-degree day?

That was in Houston at Bay Oaks. It was hot.

JOHN BUSH: Birdies that stand out today for you, Patrick?

PATRICK REED: Probably 8 and 9 today, the last two holes. I hit two great 1-irons off the tee and hit on 8, hit actually through the fairway and up in the rough and hit a great wedge shot and made a good putt.

I think it was about four feet and then the last hole hit -- I've been struggling when I swing at something hard and hit the ball left and to be able to swing hard at a 9-iron with the right flag and be able to hold it on line to eight, ten feet just left of the flag, felt really good, gave me a little more confidence with the swing and make that putt, because I had a lot of looks like that where you read it and it doesn't look like it's going to break but you know it's going to because of how fast the greens are. Dead center. Give me confidence going into the weekend.

JOHN BUSH: Anything else?

Q. Seems like you've kind of taken the tough route on the Tour. You qualified last year, got in six tournaments, played 12 for the year. Went to Q-School.

A slow progression to your career here and the way things are going to obviously coming into this tournament coming off a couple of Top-10s, playing better, just your career is progressing?

You have to make it some way, whether through Q-School, Web.com or through Monday qualifiers. It was just one of those things that last year I changed my swing completely from Kevin Kirk and I was working with him and to be able to go and have the success I had last year gave me confidence coming this year and then not really to have an off-season because of Q-School and having to go shoot 5-under on a Monday, the final round of Q-School and do that, I couldn't take anything for granted this year.
We've been working extremely hard trying to fine-tune everything and I feel like lately with how I've been hitting the ball and how I've been putting just seems all to be clicking. I just need to put four rounds together and hopefully that's this week.

Q. I think in 2011 you played here was your first made cut on Tour. Was that an exemption and what did that mean to you to be able to play here and I guess that's a little bit of a footnote now but it was your first made cut?

Right. No. I mean that's why I love this event. I got a sponsor's exemption in this event two years ago and to be able to come out and make my first cut, kind of see what it's like during the weekend.

Kind of just set-up for all of last year when I went out and made the cut in the first PGA tournament I played last year. I knew what to expect from the weekend.

I've been doing the same thing, just learning every day and that's what I have to do out here being a rookie this year, even though I don't quite seem like a rookie or feel like one being out here as much as I did last year. It's all a learning possible.

Q.When you got the exemption what was your connection? You must have had some sort of --

My agent just talked to them a lot, you know, or persistent about it and actually top -- actually qualified for the Web.com event the week before, Top 25 and literally that Monday when I pulled into the parking lot, we were driving from Springfield up to Wichita, when we pulled into the parking lot I got a phone call saying, hey, you're in the PGA Tournament event, Wyndham.

You kind of figure out how to get back there. We drove literally all night. Got to Augusta and I think it was like 4:30 in the morning and my agent was there at 6:00 a.m. to pick me up to take me over here to practice. We had a practice round and just didn't really much sleep. I don't know. I'm shocked with how well I played it that year.

JOHN BUSH: Okay. Anything else? Patrick Reed, thank you, sir. We appreciate it.