Wyndham Championship interview: John Huh

August 16, 2013

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I'd like to welcome John Huh. John, that was a great round of 62 today. If you kind of want to take us through the highlights and what went well for you today and then we'll have a few questions.

JOHN HUH: Well, 62 is fantastic on this course. I really drove the ball well last few tournaments and today was the day I was able to capitalize a few of the putts and that's pretty much it. That's about it.

Few questions.

Q. How well does this course suit your game?

Well, I think this golf course requires pretty accurate off the tee so I think I did that well and you got to be able to put yourself in a good spot in order to make a putt so -- and I think I did that well today, also so -- and also you got to watch the speed on the greens and I was able to do that and went in.

Q. John, after last year's performance out there as a rookie, has it been harder this year, easier or what's it been like for you?

I guess I can say it's been harder than last year because I've been -- I've played the tournaments that I haven't played last year such as Masters and the Open, all the Majors and that's why it's been hard for me to be myself a little bit, I guess, because I was in a different field, little strong field, and that doesn't mean that this tournament is not that strong but just I felt like I put myself in different situation other than just playing golf.

Q. You see this round coming?

Not 62. It was more like maybe 64. But as I tell you, I drove the ball great since Masters, actually, it's been a long time but I was able to put everything together and really pleased with it.

Q. A lot of young guys have put up some low numbers this week out here. Are the young guys more aggressive?

I guess that's true, I think. The way we play, we try to take the pin, right at it most of the time and I believe so, I guess. I guess we are more aggressive if you're younger a little bit, I guess.

MARK STEVENS: Couple more.

Q. You made the TOUR Championship last year obviously and a lot of benefits comes with that, Majors and all that.
How important to you is it to try to get back there?

Well, I never really thought about playing a TOUR Championship because it's going to take care by itself if I play well, you know, and I haven't really played well as last year but I thought I played okay. I wasn't great as last year but I don't think it was too bad.

But the way I put myself this week will be a good chance to move up the FedEx points and kind of look forward to the next two days to play well and get into the Top 30 once again.

MARK STEVENS: Thanks a lot, John. Good luck tomorrow.

JOHN HUH: Thank you.