Wyndham Championship interview: Sergio Garcia

August 15, 2013

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Q. 1998, Sergio Garcia, tentatively for the first time on the Web.com event playing as an 18 year old amateur nearly won that event. Played well here ever since.

Why do you feel some comfortable on this golf course?

I don't know. I guess it's one of those places where you know -- for the most part, I feel like I know what I want to do off the tee and coming into some of the greens. I think since they changed the bermuda grass on the greens, they have become much better golf course.

It's unfortunate we haven't had the opportunity of playing fast and firm like it should be with the rain but the golf course is getting better.

Q. Your performance today outstanding with that number. How would you best sum of this round?

I drove the ball quite well. I didn't hit a lot of greens. I also didn't hit a lot of -- I'm not going to say a lot but I did have some pulls with some of my irons, which I didn't like that much. But other than doing that, yeah, I felt probably the most comfortable I've felt in the last three weeks. Finally was able to get some decent looking shots and I was able to put a good round in there.

Q. As easy a 65 as I've seen on this golf course.

Thanks. I wouldn't say it was that easy. Obviously I made some good two putts from long range. I did hit the ball pretty nicely which was nice to see and holed a couple nice putts here and there. But, overall, I'm very happy with the round and hoping to do some of the same, more of the same tomorrow.

Q. When you looked at the golf course this week, the greens, what was your reaction?

The golf course was great. Unfortunately, we've been getting rain almost every afternoon and the greens are still holding quite well, still quite firm even with the rain because of the grass on it.

But the fairways are a little softer. Yesterday it was all right but today was better. Little bit of wind with it. Doesn't look like the weather looks very good but, you know, we'll see. Maybe we can get lucky.

Q. 57 years since the same golfer has won this thing back to back years. Do you feel good about the position you put yourself?

It was a great round today but it's only Thursday. There's still three days to go. A lot of golf to play, to be played.

Obviously yeah, like you said, I do feel good and happy about the way I played today but, you know, I need to do more of the same the next three days.

Q. What is the most important thing as far as your game is concerned the next three days to stay in the hunt?

Everything. You have to obviously drive the ball well on this course to put yourself in good positions to attack some of the pins.

If you manage to do that and hit some good iron shots you're going to have some birdie putts but if you hit it -- hit above the hole, it's not like it used to be with the bent grass. The greens are so much faster than they used to be and some of the spots you just kind of lagging it trying to hopefully make it. So, you know, you have to pay attention to some of those things.

Q. As far as the greens, a lot of the golfers have been talking about how impressive they have been.

Do you feel the same way?

Yeah. It was good last year when they -- the first year they change them. They settled down a little bit. They're as good or better than they did last year and, you know, it's definitely made this golf course a much better golf course. It was already a good golf course but now it's really something.

Q. To start your week to get off in order to try to become the first one to repeat --

Yeah. Shooting a round like this helps but, like I said before, it's still three days to go, a lot of things can happen and hopefully I'll be able to play more of the same like I did today and see if I can keep shooting good rounds like today.