Reno-Tahoe interview: Jonathan Byrd

August 04, 2013

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Q.  We talked yesterday.  You came off a really good round yesterday.  Did that help you right momentum, right mindset coming into today?

Absolutely.  Yesterday I had an eagle and made like three or four birdies and just felt good on the golf course.  I felt like I was getting into a good play rhythm yesterday.  And I haven't felt that a whole lot this year.
So that was one of the first days I've felt that way on the golf course.  I felt like I was going to make putts and felt like I was going to hit good shots.  And that's the way I felt today.
And today I just said my whole mindset was just to be a little more aggressive and give ourselves chances and just free it up.  And I was able to do that today and just getting off to a hot start.
The first hole I chipped in from just off the back of the green.  Followed that up with another birdie on the par 5 and out of a plugged lie on 3, the bunker, I made a great par.
And then made a 40‑footer‑‑ 50‑footer on the next hole for birdie.  By that point I made three birdies and then birdied the next hole.  Just felt like I was off to the races.
Just felt like I had to keep the pedal down.  But, I mean, I shot 8‑under, if you're keeping score.  But I 3‑putted 8.  And with that 7‑ or 8‑iron in my hand, the last hole I made par.  I had two par 5s that was a little under my skin there.
I did eagle‑‑ bogeyed 1 and eagled 4, I think it's 4.  And knocked it right up there next to green on 5 and made another birdie.  I'm happy.

Q.  Best two‑round stretch you've had in your career?

No.  In my career?  No.

Q.  Or here?

Here for sure, yeah.  I don't know if I've had a top 10 here.  So this is the best I've played here.