Reno-Tahoe Open interview: Russell Knox

August 03, 2013

Q. I guess anybody should have expected you to come in here and play fairly well after last week. You feeling pretty good about your game right now?

I've been playing well for the last couple of months. And so, yeah, coming off last week, it was a lot of positives. Obviously the 59 and the other three rounds were pretty decent, too. So, no, I had a ton of confidence coming in here and playing pretty good.

Q. And I know you were born in Scotland. Spent a lot of time here. How old were you when you moved to the states?

Just came home for college when I was 18, end of 2003, I think it was. And I've been over here a bunch because my dad's from California. So we came over on vacation a bunch.

Q. And you're staying in the states to do PGA TOUR for the foreseeable future?

Lived here forever.

Q. Your expectations for tomorrow?

20 points, lift the trophy. No, I'll try my best and hopefully we'll get something going.

I mean just throw in that little sneaky eagle can change everything. But it's there for the taking. The weather is so perfect. And someone's going to play very well tomorrow.

Q. And your 59 last week, is that something you kind of go to bed every night going: Wow, I'm one of the few?

Yeah, my first thought is I finished 12th. And I'm like, wow, lead the tournament. And then it kind of hits me, well, I still shot 59th. That's kind of cool. So that will be something that I remember every day of my life.

Q. Coming into today, how did you feel? What was your expectations?

I mean, I expected to play well. And I mean I've been hitting the ball nicely and expected a decent day. And I was pleased with the 10 points.

Q. How tough was it on 18 to go out with that 3-putt instead of possible birdie or even an eagle?

I mean, I tried, tried again, tapped it in. So I thought I hit it -- first putt was decent. It was far. But I didn't think I hit it that far past. I just misjudged it. I wouldn't have changed anything. Just didn't work out.