Reno-Tahoe Open interview: Andres Romero

August 02, 2013

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Andres Romero, after a successful 14 points in round two after 8 yesterday. Puts you at 22 through 36. You obviously like the course. You finished well here last year. So just some comments on your play today.

Well, I played the Pro Am and I didn't play well. So after the Pro Am, I went to the practice range and I started to hit some balls. And I found my swing and my stance and I had a good feeling.

And then yesterday was a good day. I played very well. I shoot 8 under. That put me in a good position for today. And today was a really, really good day. I started to play very well and then I made some mistakes. And I was kind of frustrated, you know, on the 10th and 11th. But after that I started again and I finished very well.

Q. If the shot rate has it right some longer putts, maybe 35, 40 feet, another 33, another 27. But also a number of really dialed in iron shots, nice combination, talk a little bit about the approach shots and the putting?

Well, after Byron Nelson and Colonial, I switched my putter, and I started to practice with a new putter. It's really good. It gave me a lot of confidence. And I played the last five or six tournaments very well. I felt very well with my putter and my swinging and also I started to work with my psychologist. So I think I'm on the right path, yeah.

Q. I remember I think last year we asked you about this golf course and how it might compare to home. You play some golf courses fairly similar to this back home, I think?

Well, the course is very similar. This one is better, though. And the environment is really nice. It's a beautiful place. I feel very comfortable here.

Makes me remember to home, you know. And it just feels good and I think it's a beautiful course and not only that also the system is really good for me, it works very well.

Q. Is there something specific about this course that you really like, because obviously you played well here last year and playing well again this year?

The course is beautiful but the system is really good for me. Last week I made 22 birdies and two eagles, and if you made all those birdies here and eagles, it's very good for you, obviously.
And I think the most important thing this week is the system for me.