Reno-Tahoe Open interview: Stuart Appleby

August 01, 2013

Q. Back at the Reno Tahoe Open, Stuart Appleby, after an opening round, sits at 5 under par, 12 points, as it turns out. Was it a grind out there in the wind?

It was very interesting. We could have probably had more wind in the last two to three hours of the day, and they were expecting some pretty strong winds.

It was definitely a grind. The greens were not maybe as smooth as you would want them. That's pretty much any tournament late in the afternoon.

It was a grind getting your clubs right, percentages, the thin air, how much does it affect the ball?

Definitely difficult for sure.

Q. Good job today. We wish you the best in your position on the points list. We know how important this is.

Thank you.

Q. Just summarize the round for us, if you can.

Just an interesting format. Just never know when you might have a cold stretch where you don't make any points or maybe go backwards a bit. Then you can make a run.

Obviously being weighted with birdies are more influential on the card. It's nice to know that one birdie, one bogey gets you ahead by a point.

Yeah, it's an interesting format and a tough one to sort of measure. Obviously I played pretty well today. But you're just in it all the time. Like just 6 points sitting there in a 30 minute stretch, and that's the beauty of this format.