Reno-Tahoe Open interview: Josh Teater

August 01, 2013

DOUG MILNE: We'd like to welcome Josh Teater after a successful 15 points on day one here at the Reno Tahoe Open. These guys are all thinking they had their stories done for the day, and then you had to go and finish eagle birdie to take the lead, which of course is a good thing.

With that, I'll turn it over to you for a couple comments on the day.

JOSH TEATER: Yeah, I mean, it was kind of a funny day out there, I guess. The wind was supposed to blow. At times it did and at times it didn't. I was just trying to judge and give myself as many chances, and had two really good chances there coming in on the last two holes and took advantage.

Okay. With that, we'll open it and take a few questions.

Q. Take us through 17 and 18, what you hit, et cetera.

Yeah, hit a really good drive on 17 down the left side and had 300 to the hole. With all the adjustments we factored in, it was about 245 to the front. That's kind of a max hybrid for me, so I hit a really good shot there.

I tend to hit that shot and it leaks to the right and catches that bunker, but I really hit a good one there and stayed left of the bunker. Got up on the green and funneled down probably 20 feet right of the hole and just caught the right edge on that putt.

Then 18, 3 wood off the tee and kind of pulled my 52 degree wedge in there and kind of used a slope. Got down there to maybe eight feet and made that right in the middle.

Q. First day, are you a scoreboard watcher? Did you know what you needed when you came in to 17?

No. I mean, today really doesn't mean anything. I mean, we got to play every day, try to do the best we can each day. Obviously we want to do the best we can and be as high as we can be.

I didn't know where I was standing and even that I was in the lead until I guess James, he had a pretty good putt there for birdie on the last hole and didn't make it. I did see the board saying he was tied for second. I knew I was one point ahead, so figured I had to be up there.

Last year I played pretty good here. I think Friday's round wasn't very good, but I played good Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and finished seventh. So you can make a lot of moves in one round. So I got a good start, and hopefully I can keep it going.

Q. Josh, I was going to ask you about playing with James. When there is someone else in the threesome playing well, how much do you feed off each other?

You know, it can be helpful for sure to see somebody making putts and hitting good shots. You kind of see yourself doing that.

Shaun had some bad breaks and bounces today. I'm sure he may not have, you know, been feeding off us. Hopefully tomorrow he can. He made a good putt there at the last hole.

Yeah, it's good to be playing with people when they're playing well.

Q. About your history here seventh last year, tied for tenth the year before did you come into this with a ton of confidence?

Yeah, I mean, you know, I play good here. I kind of decided to play late because I didn't play Canada last week. I'm going to be in the PGA next week. It's my first time there.

So I haven't played a whole lot in the last couple months, maybe three to four events. Just decided, Hey, I need to play a little bit before the PGA, and I knew I had played well here and thought, Hey, let's go give it another shot.

Q. Just taking a break to take a break?

Well, my schedule has kind of changed this year. With playing well earlier in the year I got in the U.S. Open and the British Open and took some events off to prepare for those events.

I took a couple weeks after the US Open just for rest. Just the way it's worked out.

Q. You mentioned how a round can change a lot during the course of a round. You had a decent day, and then eagle and birdie doubles your score.

Yeah, you know, obviously when you see the way the points shake out, you know, an eagle is worth five, which is two and a half birdies.

I had another look on No. 18 I left short, but I think I made one in the last round here last year and made a big jump. So the par 5s are eagleable depending on the wind.

Just try to get putts at 'em for sure.

Q. You mentioned the wind. What was the wind like? Did it change throughout the day? Was it swirly? What was the hardest part?

The swirling. It was hard to figure out what it was doing. Yesterday we played a southwest wind and No. 3, for instance, was into the wind; today felt like when we got on that tee it was helping when the wind was supposed to be south or southwest.

We were just having to guess a little bit. You get in between the trees and going up the mountain you can get all kinds of different feels. No. 7, the par 3, is always hard to judge. Any time I can make a three and get out there with level points I'm always happy.

DOUG MILNE: Josh, congratulations on a great first day. Thanks for your time.

JOSH TEATER: Thanks. Take care, guys.