RBC Canadian Open interview: Matt Kuchar

July 28, 2013

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Q. Matt, 10 under on the par 5s this week, but you still fell a few short. Tell me where some of those shots may have come from?

I played some good golf these past four days. The par 5s are the ones we can really score on. Today was by far the hardest day. The wind was strong and coming from a different direction. A couple of the holes, like 2, that had played easy. I made a bogey on 2 hit a drive left and chipped out from there.

It's one of those frustrating things where can you look back and say (Indiscernible).

Snedeker played some great golf. I played with him Thursday and Friday. He was just so steady and played good for four days.

Q. Tell me as you have the PGA coming up in a couple of weeks, you'll be in Akron and the Bridgestone Invitational next week. What is your feeling with where your game is going into those weeks?

I'm excited. I feel like I'm in control of what I'm doing. I like the shape of the golf that I'm playing. I think when you're hitting good (Indiscernible), when you're making good contact, you know what club to pull, it's just a guessing game. It's nice that the ball is coming off the club face, and had a pretty good feeling for the next couple of weeks.

We have to say one more thing, best wishes to the Mahans, to Kandi to Hunter and to Zoe. Congratulations on the new baby girl. We're sorry we missed you here, but way to go. Congratulations.

Q. Did the wind fool you a little bit?

It was difficult. Most challenging all four days, for sure. I felt like I was off and running with a birdie on the first and then hit a bad drive on 2. 2 was drastically different. Playing into the wind, that tee shot, it was a hard one to get a line on and then into the wind you really get confused.

I hit a bad shot and chipped out. It was too bad to get off to such a good start and then drop it off on the second hole, but seemed to hang tough for a while. I was driving it well and had some chances. I knew Snedeker, Dustin Johnson, I knew those guys weren't going to back off much. I knew I needed to make a lot of birdies to have a chance.

Q. The golf course was playing a lot more difficult today than in previous days?

Hard to say. I mean, we weren't going to go low, but a good number was probably going to gain a good bit in the round. I was two shots back. I knew I needed a good number, and was only able to manage 1 under today.

Q. Can you talk about your week and your experience here in Canada?

It was great. We stayed downtown Toronto. We had an amazing experience down there. Downtown's a fantastic city. Had a great dinner last night at an Italian restaurant. The kids got to explore and go to the zoo and some fun things every day. They got to take in the sites. So we had a great time on the golf course. It was in fantastic shape, and it was a great time.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Brandt and the type of golf he's been playing this year? He had the injury at the start of the year, but lately he's been picking it up.

We were glad that something slowed him down there at the end of the year he came out and playing some amazing golf. When he's on, he's just really, really good. He's going to hit the ball solidly and he's putting so good. If he misses a shot, he's going to be able to score by getting up and down and making a putt. He's certainly a force to be reckoned with.