RBC Canadian Open interview: Matt Kuchar

July 27, 2013

Q. That was an outstanding round out there, eight birdies, no bogeys. Give us the assessment of this third round here in Canada.

MATT KUCHAR: I've been playing some good golf. Yesterday I was disappointed. I hit a lot of really good shots yesterday and stumbled in at 2‑over par, which was a bummer after starting at 6‑under. I felt like I had a good position and a good setup for a great week.
Boy, it was nice to jump back and have some balls go in the hole today, shoot 8‑under par, I think, continue the good hitting of the golf ball and made some putts, and again, played the par‑5s well. I really played the par‑5s well on Thursday and again today.

Q. Kind of an interesting day weather‑wise because I saw you put the rain gear on, take it off, put the umbrella up, put it down, but yet didn't seem to affect you, and you made sure you had the gear off for that eagle putt at 18, also.

MATT KUCHAR: Good caddie helps, yeah. I put him to work on days like this. This is a challenging day for players and a really challenging day for caddies. That was good team work going on. I stayed dry and played some good golf.

Q. You go into the final round right there in contention. Got to feel good especially playing at this venue?

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, there's going to be a lot of birdies. I think I'll be a few back by day's end, but within striking distance at least come Sunday. So it's a fun place to be, and I think tomorrow will be an exciting day.

Q. From your perspective, let's talk about the golf first. What is it like when the lead all of a sudden changes, and as you're rising up the leaderboard, Hunter Mahan is not there anymore?

MATT KUCHAR: It made it a lot more exciting day for I think the rest of us. I think Hunter right now is playing some of the best golf of anybody in the world. To be in the final group of the U.S. Open, final group of the British Open, come here playing just great golf, you knew he was just going to continue making a lot of birdies, continuing to play good golf. I think his lead was only going to grow.
You know, not having him in the field kind of bunches the rest of us up and I think kind of gave everybody a chance.

Q. What was the reaction, because I think from a lot of‑‑ for some players, it was certainly a surprise. What was your reaction, and how would you handle a situation like that?

MATT KUCHAR: I think we were all surprised. I think‑‑ I talked to Hunter just two days ago. He said that I think the due date was Greensboro, weekend of Greensboro. So it's quite early. The birth of a child is an unforgettable experience. It just happens only maybe once in a lifetime. So it's something that's special, something that's completely magical and unforgettable. I would hope that Kandi is doing well. I hope with the early birth everything is safe and everybody is well. I think Hunter has got to make sure he takes care of his family. That's first and foremost.

Q. (Inaudible.)

MATT KUCHAR: You deal with all the elements that rain brings, but the rain also softens up the golf course, makes fairways play wider, the greens more receptive. There were certainly a lot of opportunities for birdies. It seems like when the rain goes away, things calm down and the course gets really attackable.

Q. And obviously you attacked it. Describe your round.

MATT KUCHAR: I played great golf. I played really solid golf Thursday again, and I thought I played some good solid golf on Friday, but somehow the scoring wasn't working and I ended up stumbling in at 2‑over par, which was really disappointing because I knew I was playing some good golf. I was glad to keep good things going, shot 8‑under today. I played the par‑5s well again. I played the par‑5s really well on Thursday and played them well today. It's kind of one of those things that you've got to take advantage. Those are your real opportunities out here to do some scoring.

Q. Interesting with Hunter taking off and leaving early. Your thoughts on that?

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, I really hope Kandi is okay and the baby is okay. The birth of a child is a truly magical, special thing. You may get it once in your lifetime. It just doesn't happen that often. Hunter right now is playing some of the best golf in the world. It kind of gives the rest of us a chance right now with him not in the field. He was in the final group of the U.S. Open, final group of the British Open out here, and then the lead of this through two rounds. I think we all fully expected him to just increase his lead and continue playing some really good golf. I'd like to wish‑‑ make sure that Kandi and the family is doing well. Got to look after family. I think that's the most important thing.

Q. Have you ever experienced the 36‑hole leader withdrawing for anything other than an injury?

MATT KUCHAR: No, I don't ever recall a 36‑hole leader withdrawing for an injury. I don't recall having a leader withdraw. I'm sure it's happened in the past, but not in my memory.

Q. If conditions stay like this, obviously tomorrow is the accelerator right to the bottom for everybody?

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, you're going to see a lot of low scores. You're going to continue to see guys make a lot of birdies. It's going to be exciting. If nobody gets too far in front, I think there's going to be a lot of guys with a chance, which will make for an exciting Sunday.

Q. Personal expectations for tomorrow?

MATT KUCHAR: Don't want to have any. Come out and try to make some birdies.