RBC Canadian Open interview: Dustin Johnson

July 27, 2013

Q. You birdied the last three holes yesterday to make the cut and you lit it up today. What was working well for you?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I've been hitting it pretty well every day. You know, the first day I just‑‑ I was just off a little bit with my irons and just made some stupid bogeys finishing. And then yesterday I drove it pretty well, still made a few bad bogeys from the middle of the fairway. But today just really didn't make any mistakes, hit it good all day long, hit it close, had a lot of birdie looks, and rolled a few putts in.
But I did finish really well yesterday, and then obviously birdieing 16 and eagling 18, I finished well today, too.

Q. With the breaking news of Hunter Mahan withdrawing you're now tied for the lead. Big turn of events.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, well, actually I didn't know that until Bobby just told me that on 18. But hopefully everything goes all right. I know it's one of those situations where you probably wouldn't expect him to have to leave. But sometimes that's just how it works. He's playing really well right now, but yeah, I mean, things happen, and obviously I'm in a good position for going into tomorrow. I seriously doubt I'm going to be leading by the end of the day. I shouldn't be, actually. But I should at least have a shot.

Q. You never know what's going to happen with this weather, but a great 9‑under par 63 today. Good luck tomorrow.

A lot of birdie opportunities and made a few putts, and when I did get out of position, I hit it from the fairway on No.9, I plugged it in the lip of the bunker and hit a great bunker shot there and got up‑and‑down, which kept the round going.

Q. All of a sudden you're tied for the lead. The leader has gone home.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah. It's a good thing that he's going just because he's having his first kid. Obviously there's no reason why he wouldn't go, and obviously prayers go out and hopefully everything goes all right. It's unfortunate he had to leave, but I played with him the last two days, and he just played wonderful golf, putted really well and hit it really well. I'm definitely in a good position for going into tomorrow.

Q. Are you expecting more low scores tomorrow with the way this course is playing?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean, it's all about if you drive it well. If you're hitting out of the fairway on every hole, the golf course plays‑‑ you've got to hit good shots, though, because the greens are pretty small. But if you can just get it on the green, you've got a good look at birdie.

Q. Had Hunter talked about what his game plan was?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I don't think‑‑ we talked about it, but she wasn't due for another four weeks, and I don't think he had any plans on leaving this week until probably today.

Q. Does it change your approach at all when you think you're two shots back and all of a sudden you finish and you're‑‑

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, I don't know what‑‑ the leaders haven't even teed off. Right now I'm just glad I played a good round and just got to get ready for tomorrow no matter where I'm at.

Q. What was the difference between your first 28, 30 holes where you were 1‑over and now you're 11‑under?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I mean, the first day actually I played really well, just didn't putt that great. And then just hit some really poor shots with my wedges and made a couple bogeys late and a double from the fairway. So it was just‑‑ just played awful the last nine holes the first day.

And then played pretty solid all day yesterday. Even the bogeys I made were from the fairway, and I hit good shots, just went a pace through the green and drew a tough lie and missed a short putt on something, made just bad bogeys. But other than that I played really well yesterday.

And then today I just played great all day.