RBC Canadian Open interview: Tommy Gainey

July 26, 2013

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Q. Talk about 9 where you curled in that 40‑footer.

TOMMY GAINEY:  Absolutely.  If you didn't see the whole round, I'll tell you what, I had every bad bounce that I could get today, I got.  But that's the way golf is.  But it goes back to the driver, the tee ball for me.  I got it in the fairway, and I was able to ‑‑ when I did get it in the fairway, make birdies.

Q.  You mentioned that new driver when we talked at the Greenbrier.  Still working with that driver?

TOMMY GAINEY:  Absolutely, still working good for me.

Q.  What is the difference from the first round of +1 to going to low today?

TOMMY GAINEY:  Well, I hit more fairways today and I made more putts.  Yesterday I think I probably had 34 putts.  Today maybe 25.  So that's a huge difference.

Q.  How excited for the weekend here in Canada, great weather in front of these great fans?

TOMMY GAINEY:  Oh, no doubt, I'm looking forward to it.

Q.  It was a tremendous round on this day, 10 birdies, and for you what was the key to being able to score on a day when obviously we saw John Merrick shoot a course record?

TOMMY GAINEY:  Well, you know, it always comes down for me to tee ball.  If I can get the tee ball in the fairway, I can make birdies.  I'll tell you what, my putter got hot today, but I hit a lot of fairways with this new Callaway driver.  I've been playing it for three weeks now, and I'm loving it.  It feels good to hit it in the fairway, and it also feels good to make putts because these greens are not very big, so you get it anywhere within 25 feet of the hole for me, I'm going to scare it.

Q.  Overall is this golf course as easy as some of you guys are making this look here in the morning?

TOMMY GAINEY:  No, this golf course is not that easy.  That's just the way it is.  The greens are soft.  The greens are soft right now, but they're going to bake out here shortly for the afternoon wave, and it's going to get a lot tougher for those guys.  But they were a little soft this morning, teeing off at 8:00.

Q.  Overall what's your feeling going into the weekend in position?

TOMMY GAINEY:  Well, I've had a couple of tournaments this year where I've shot some low rounds and I've had a chance going into the weekend.  My goal now is I've got to play four good rounds.  The first round was terrible.  This round was great, so let's try to just build on this great round into tomorrow.