RBC Canadian Open interview: Mike Weir

July 26, 2013

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Q. It must have been a lot of fun.  I know that wasn't the finish you were looking for, but that was some exciting stuff, especially at the 7th hole?

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, it was a great day.  It was one of those rounds that could have been really anything.  I could have been 10‑under pretty easily, I think.  But played great, and it was exciting to do that for the fans.  Yesterday was so dull, one birdie and nothing happening at all, so it was great to feel that kind of support out there and give them something to cheer about.

Q.  I was with you yesterday and I saw you battle all day long.  Did you take some good thoughts out of yesterday as you hung tough and finally made the birdie at 16?

MIKE WEIR:  Oh, yeah, I hit 16 greens in regulation yesterday, a lot of close shots close to the hole, and I just told myself, if I do that again today, some are bound to go in.  I knew I had better greens in the morning.  There was definitely positives going into today.

Q.  None of us can imagine the kind of pressure that you might feel playing in front of your countrymen, but it has to be an absolute thrill for you to perform in front of them.

MIKE WEIR:  It is, it's wonderful.  There's not really anybody on TOUR that kind of has anything like this, to have the support like that.  It's up to us Canadians when we come up here.  To see the gallery support today as I got going and got rolling, you can really feed off that, and I did do that, so it was a lot of fun.

Q.  The charge of support you get here is still as intense as ever.

MIKE WEIR:  It's great.  I'll tell you, yesterday I didn't give them much to cheer about, one birdie, and today to get off to a great start, really haven't given them much to cheer about the last couple years, so to get things going today is a good feeling, to finally get with my game.  It was a great feeling to have that kind of support.

Q.  A couple of bogeys out there to finish, but do you focus on what you left out there or what you did to get yourself up the leaderboard and give yourself a chance?

MIKE WEIR:  Well, I'm focused on the way I've played the last couple days.  Yesterday could have easily been a similar round to this or better.  I got unfortunate on No. 8.  I got a really big gust of wind that knocked the ball in the bunker, and then I was trying to hit a max pitching wedge on to get it close for birdie on the last hole, so I took a chance there.

But I'm playing well, so I'm excited about the weekend.

Q.  Do you still put pressure on yourself to perform well here?

MIKE WEIR:  It's hard not to.  You try to lessen that a little bit, but you want to play well in front of your fans, and I'm close by, just a couple hours away, got a lot of friends and family here, so yeah, you want to play well in front of them.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

MIKE WEIR:  It felt great to have the fans, give them something to cheer about.  Yesterday I was saying it was kind of a dull day, for as well as I played.  One little putt for birdie, and there wasn't much to cheer about.  Today there was a lot, a lot of birdies and some really good shots.  It's an exciting day.

Q.  Where does this round rank for you for the year?

MIKE WEIR:  Well, I was close.  I've been dancing around really good numbers here for a while, and that was a nice solid one for sure with a chance.  Could have been a really good one.  But it was up there with one of the better rounds this year so far.

Q.  You talked yesterday about you felt you were close.  What took you over the edge today to get some of those birdies to go?

MIKE WEIR:  Well, like I said yesterday, playing in the morning and having fresh greens, just feeling good about that, I think that was probably the biggest thing.  And then finally getting a few putts to go in, see a few go in.  Nothing went in yesterday.  Just having a positive attitude that even though yesterday I didn't make any, today I felt like I could.

Q.  I understand you changed putters, but that was ‑‑

MIKE WEIR:  That was the biggest one, I just changed putters.  It has a little softer insert.  I guess that putter doesn't have a line on it, and the line was just kind of a distraction yesterday to me.  Anyways, I felt like I needed to change, and it was a good change.

Q.  What did you do on 6?  You hit the ball sort of rights towards the bunker.  It looked like a pretty bold play to go over the water.

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, I hit a nice shot there.

Q.  Were you in the bunker?

MIKE WEIR:  No, I was just out of it, and I had a good lie.  I knew it would be tough if I went long there with everything sloping away.  I thought I landed that pretty good and I thought it might stay on the green, but I was left with really nothing over there.

Q.  What club was that?

MIKE WEIR:  It was a rescue 3, 215 to the hole.  Caught a big gust of wind off the tee there and caught another one on 8 there, my second shot.  It was a little bit in and caught two big gusts of wind there.

Q.  And then the last hole it looked like you had a pretty good lie?

MIKE WEIR:  No, I didn't catch it the way I wanted.  I was in between clubs.  I was in between ‑‑ I knew a soft 9 would take a big bounce and probably go past the hole, and I knew to get it close I need to hit a full, hard pitching wedge as hard as I could, and I just didn't catch it solid.