RBC Canadian Open interview: Jason Bohn

July 26, 2013

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Q. Just talk about your round and what was going well for you today.

JASON BOHN:  I made some good putts out there today.  I made a couple of 30‑footers that kind of ‑‑ especially on the par‑5s I wasn't able to capitalize on too many of them by hitting it up next to the green in two, so I had to kind of wedge it in there, and I didn't hit some great wedge shots, but I capitalized with the putts.  So it's kind of unique how you've only got to hit one good shot per hole.

But I played pretty solid today.  I drove my golf ball fairly good.  I kept it out of the rough.  I hit some first cuts but I kept it out of the rough, and I think that's the key to being able to attack some of the flagsticks.  Greens were a lot softer this morning than they were yesterday afternoon, and if the wind picks up, it could get ‑‑ there's some good pin placements, so it could get a little tough.

 Q.  That was kind of my next question is night and day difference from yesterday afternoon and this morning?

JASON BOHN:  Oh, yeah, completely night and day difference.  Not a lot of birdies out there, a little cooler temperatures so the ball didn't go as far as it did yesterday afternoon, but greens were a lot softer, a lot more receptive.  I mean, that's it.  We know that every week you've got to take advantage when they're soft, and you've just got to play steady when they get firm.

 Q.  And your thoughts, we're coming to the end of the regular season.  Just your thoughts on a couple of events left for positioning and all that.

JASON BOHN:  Yeah, me personally, got to play well.  I'm starting to play well recently, and so it's kind of ‑‑ I wish this would have happened back in February, but you know, it's ‑‑ you just got to ‑‑ I know everybody says one shot at a time.  You have to stay in the process.  You've got to realize what you're doing and not get impatient and not try to force issues just for a couple extra FedExCup points because being able to go home and sleep and not think about the mistakes that you made by being too aggressive is a lot more valuable than 10 more FedExCup points.