RBC Canadian Open interview: Charley Hoffman

July 26, 2013

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Q.  Consecutive 69s for Charley Hoffman here at the RBC Canadian Open, and for you today playing this morning, did you feel like you got enough out of the conditions which seemed to be pretty benign here?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah, this morning was I would say easier but way ‑‑ you could score this morning.  Yesterday afternoon I played ‑‑ I didn't hit it great, but 3‑under was a great score.  Today 3‑under, I mean, I feel fine with it, but obviously left a couple out there.  All in all, there was some guys going a few more par, but I'm sure the guys in the afternoon are going to struggle like we did yesterday.

Q.  Overall what do you like about this golf course that has seemed to fit for you the first couple of days?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah, I've been making the shorter putts for par.  I've missed my fair share of greens and haven't hit that many fairways.  So if I get the ball on the green I'm going to feel pretty good this weekend, and I need to get the driver in play more times and give myself a few more opportunities on the greens and hopefully equates to a few more birdies.