RBC Canadian Open interview: Scott Piercy

July 23, 2013

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THE MODERATOR:  We welcome Scott Piercy to the media room.  Scott, obviously you've got some good vibes from this tournament going tied for sixth here in 2011 and obviously winning last year.  Maybe you could start off by telling us what it's like to be back at this tournament and then we'll open it up for some questions.

SCOTT PIERCY:  Yeah, glad to be back.  Last two years have been good to me, and looking forward to another good year.

THE MODERATOR:  Maybe talk about what it's like to be on this golf course compared to last year at Hamilton.  Obviously presenting some different challenges, and what's it like to sort of adjust your game for that.

SCOTT PIERCY:  You know, I really don't remember a lot about this golf course.  It was so wet last time that it was kind of one of those get it out of your mind because it was so wet.  You know, I know there was some reachable par‑5s which can make it kind of exciting, and scores are generally pretty low I'm guessing.  I don't really remember.  But I'm excited to get back out there.

THE MODERATOR:  Maybe you could also give us the state of your game.  Consistent year so far, three top 10s, 57th in the FedExCup standings and how you're feeling right now heading into this week.

SCOTT PIERCY:  It's been an up‑and‑down year, three good weeks, three bad weeks.  My game is feeling a lot better than it's looking like.  Just need a couple things to go my way and I win.  It's not always what it looks like.

Q.  Coming off a golf course like Muirfield and coming back to North America, what kind of adjustments are there that you have to make?

SCOTT PIERCY:  You know, I don't think the golf course will play quite as firm, so it's probably not a whole lot.  I was a little surprised by conditions last week.  I wasn't ready for it, I guess, in a way.  But it's golf.

THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Scott Piercy, for coming in, and we wish you all the best of luck this week.