Greenbrier Classic interview: Jimmy Walker

July 06, 2013

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MODERATOR: Jimmy Walker, 6-under 64 today in round 3 of The Greenbrier Classic. Congratulations on a great third round.

JIMMY WALKER: Thank you.

MODERATOR: That being said, I'll turn it over to you just for a couple comments on how you're feeling.

JIMMY WALKER: I feel good. I was a little under the weather starting yesterday and today but kind of battled through it. Hit some good shots coming in, just coming down the stretch today, had some good looks and made some good putts. I stayed patient on the front, nothing was really happening, made a quick birdie on 2, hit a really good shot in there to about three feet and made that. Just really didn't have any good looks after that until about 10 and made a good putt there, another good putt on 12, another one on 13, 14. I had some good shots and started making putts. I had some good looks all the way in and got one on 18, which is nice.

Q. Jimmy, is there a comfort level for you here at the Greenbrier? You've already had two Top 10 finishes here. Talk about over the years here seems like you've played well.

JIMMY WALKER: I like the golf course, I've always liked it. The first time we came here we really enjoyed it, just the whole atmosphere. Everybody's so nice and everybody's so accommodating. The hotel is amazing and just really enjoyed being here and the golf course really seems to fit my eye. I like the tee shots, like the second shots, and I feel comfortable. So when you feel comfortable at places, you tend to -- there's a couple places on TOUR I feel real comfortable at and seem to play well.

Q. Jimmy, Jim Justice says this is the kind of course where you don't really want to attack it, you want to let it come to you a little bit, but obviously there are holes and situations where you have to be aggressive. Where is that for you?

JIMMY WALKER: This week's been different because it's played so long. Usually this place is pretty fast and it's played very long, as long as it could play really this week. I noticed the ball started to travel a little more today on the fairway. As far as attacking, you know, I didn't attack much on the front nine and it didn't seem like anybody was going crazy or anything. There were a couple good rounds in the morning, so as I said, just stay patient, we're going to have a good look here coming up. I felt like I was putting good, I just want a couple good looks at it, made a couple. Really wasn't trying to be too aggressive on some shots, but when it gets firmer and the greens are a little softer like they are, guys can be a little more aggressive, I think. There's only two par 5s and that kind of helps keepthe scores down a little bit. You can always be aggressive if you want, just if you're feeling it.

Q. Jimmy, you've been knocking on the door for this first win for a while now. Does it sort of feel like it's time, it's ready to happen? Does it feel like it's beyond time?

JIMMY WALKER: I'm ready, so it's going to happen when it happens.I can't make it happen. I just go out and do what I've got to do, play golf and whatever happens happens. That's how I'm looking at it. I just keep putting myself in position. If I keep doing that, it's going to happen. Hopefully it will happen some more after that.

Q. Leave you more optimistic or frustrated?

JIMMY WALKER: Say that again?

Q. Do the close calls leave you more optimistic orfrustrated?

JIMMY WALKER: It can kind of start to wear on you a little bit, but you've got to try to take the positive out of it. You're there, you're knocking, you're close. I want to be here. This is where I like to be, in here talking to you guys about this stuff. That means good things are happening.

Q. If the cards fall into place you also might qualify for the British Open. Can you talk about how bad you want to do that?

JIMMY WALKER: I would like to go. It hasn't -- I feel like the last couple years I've knocked on the door in getting in a couple tournaments like that and it just hasn't happened. I feel like I get away from my game plan of just playing golf and thinking about playing in other golf tournaments and trying to get into those. I came in here just thinking -- I wasn't even thinking about the British, I was thinking let's just have a good week. I had two bad weeks in a row and just wanted to have a good solid week this week. If I get into the British, great, I'll go. I've got a room booked, so might as well go use it.

Q. Seems like every year at this place somebody, anewcomer or whatever, rookie seems to go low. Why is that? Something about the course or --

JIMMY WALKER: When the greens are this receptive, they've been pretty soft, somebody's always going to go low every day, whether it's -- I don't know why. We've had some really, really big names come here in the last couple years and they haven't played very well, which is really surprising, I don't understand that. But it's a new golf course for everybody basically. This is, what, the fourth year? But it's a new golf course and guys get comfortable playing on golf courses they like to play on.

You see Tiger win, he's won the majority of his golf tournaments on like five courses, but he can win one anywhere. But you play well where you're comfortable. I think why you see rookies or newcomers play here is because nobody's ever seen it before and nobody knows what to expect, so I think that answers that maybe.

MODERATOR: Jimmy, we appreciate your time, best of luck.