Greenbrier Classic interview: Jordan Spieth

July 06, 2013

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Q. Jordan, three straight 67s, your thoughts on today's round.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, that was the number starting today that I wanted to be at. After the first eight holes, I was almost just trying to say let's shoot even par today and go post a low one tomorrow, but I was able to fight back and I feel great. Finally got a few of those putts to fall, just kind of settled down. It took me a while. I needed just one birdie putt to go in to calm down and it happened on 9. I hit the greens from there and made my four-footers for par when I had to. To get five birdies in the last 10 holes, it's a good feeling, take that momentum into tomorrow.

Q. Obviously your first year on TOUR, learning a lot, been in contention often. What sort of mindset do you carry into tomorrow's round?

JORDAN SPIETH: You know, I feel like it's going to be easier. I felt a lot better out there today, really felt calm the entire day, even towards the end making a few birdies, getting myself back into it, didn't feel any kind of nerves. I think tomorrow I should be in the last three groups I think and I'llhave a good idea of what's going on around me and I think I'll handle it a little better. If I don't win, it doesn't really do much for me because I have to win to be in the playoffs. I'm just going out there free swinging and that's a great place to be, I think.

Q. Beautiful playing, good luck tomorrow.

JORDAN SPIETH: Thank you very much.

(interview in progress...)

JORDAN SPIETH: Had a putt that was right edge and kind OF straightuphill and that was exactly what I needed to get the day going, just needed to see a birdie putt fall. Once it did, I was able to settle down a little bit. I hit good tee shots from there, which was the biggest thing. To start the day I missed the first couple fairways and all of a sudden I was in the hole trying to fix stuff. I just settled down and said let's get two or three more and it turned into four or five. I'm extremely excited. I didn't expect the one on 15 and certainly on 17, but they went infor me, so I'm pumped.

Q. Jordan, I asked you this last week, but is there any sort of motivation to win and sort of chase history before you exit your teenage years?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, you know, I'm not trying to win by a certain age as much as it is just trying to win so I can play with these guys some more this year. I'd really like to play in the FedExCup Playoffs, so the only way to do that is to win and I'm happy to be in contention again. Johnson's obviously making a lot of putts and playing extremely well, so it's not like I'm tied for the lead or in the lead. I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow, but it's nice to have a chance to do it.

Q. What do you have to do tomorrow?

JORDAN SPIETH: Better start than today. Looks like another 67 probably won't cut it, so I'm going to have to shoot a really low round and that's saying a lot. The greens are firming up big time and it's making some of these pins more inaccessible and it's going to be difficult. The weather's going to be good, which should bring the wind and only dry them up even more. I'm just going to haveto stay patient to start and get a couple birdies early and go from there.

Q. Jordan, knowing that you have to go low and knowing that you need a win, do you also jeopardize sort of getting yourself in some bad positions and putting up a high number, too? How much do you care about that?

JORDAN SPIETH: Not really. Out here the rough isn't that high around the greens. Even when I've short-sided myself I've actually been in better shape than when I had more green to work with because I know how it's going to react. The greens aren't really that fast compared to last week or the U.S. Open. Honestly, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to sit there and attack a pin with a 5 iron in my hand, it just means that I'm going to work the ball towards the pins from the middle of the green to try and make sure I hit more greens. I think I only hit eight or nine greens today, it wasn't pretty ball striking-wise, I just managed to get putts into the hole coming down the stretch from 20, 25 feet.

Q. Can you talk about what a good time you're having this week?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, having a great time. I watched you play tennis and I would have taken you down big time. But no, we've done fly fishing a couple days, I think we're going to go this evening, too. We've shot bow and arrows and played some tennis, just kind of hung out. I mean, the place is just so unbelievable. Last night we just walked around and went bowling for a little while. What hotel just randomly has a bowling alley in the basement? It's a fun time here, I'm excited to come back in years to come and do all the activities.