Greenbrier Classic interview: Tommy Gainey

July 05, 2013

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Q. Finished bogey, finished at 7, but all in all a pretty good day?

TOMMY GAINEY: Yeah, for as bad as I swung at it today, yeah, that was a great round because I made a lot of putts and I hit a lot of putts that should have went in that didn't, but that's just the way this game is. That's why it's so crazy and that's why we love it. But today was punishment for me because I swung at it terrible. It could have been worse, but you know what, I've got two more days, so I'm going to try to get back in the situation tomorrow and just let it ride.

Q. When you got to 10, were you playing bad then?

TOMMY GAINEY: No, I had a couple loose swings, but other than the loose swings I felt like I was swinging at it okay. But I had probably five or six loose swings out there. Out here especially you can't do that, you're going to pay the price. Sooner or later it's going to catch up to you and it caught up to me today and I'll fix it.

Q. Was it the driver that was working so well yesterday?

TOMMY GAINEY: No, just the other shots. What really caught me off guard was my 11th hole, No. 2, I had 145 to the hole, I hit my 130 wedge, flew it like 153 or 4 and it's not in the bunker but it's in that kind of high stuff back there and just not a good lie. It happens,and it just caught me off guard that it went that far.

Q. Phil was talking about the elevation differences and how that affected him with judging his distance. Is that kind of what you --

TOMMY GAINEY: I experienced some of that today, but you just point out Phil Mickelson, he's one of the best wedge players I've ever seen if not the best, so if he's having trouble with it, then, you know, I'm sure some of us other guys are having trouble with it as well. But it affected me a little bit after that hole. I just didn't swing at it, didn't finish my swing the rest of the way after that hole. But that's okay, I've got two more days.

Q. 8's the number, nobody ever figured it would be 8 going into today.

TOMMY GAINEY: Well, I mean, you have to give credit to the golf course. The golf course, it gave up some low scores yesterday, but what's the lowest score it gave up today, maybe 5-under? I mean really, in any other tournament besides the majors, everybody's shooting 7, 8, 9-under on the first or second rounds. The golf course hung up pretty good today, it played tough.

Q. 71 is not as bad as you might have thought it would have been, you're one shot back?

TOMMY GAINEY: It's pretty bad for me because I feel like I should shoot even par every time I tee it up. I know it doesn't happen like that, but the golf course held its own today and I guarantee you, you can mark my words, it will hold its own the next two days as well.

Q. Did the gallery get behind you a little bit today being the leader coming in?

TOMMY GAINEY: Absolutely, yeah, the crowd got behind me and they were still pulling for me even though I was hitting it like crap. It's nice to have that crowd support and I appreciate that, so we'll go at it again tomorrow.

Q. (Question about baseball.)

TOMMY GAINEY: Pretty good, I was a really good pitcher. I could play third base which I didn't like to play third base, everybody knows that's the hot corner. Who likes playing the hot corner? When you say the hot corner, let me tell you (inaudible), but I was a goodall-around baseball player, really good pitcher though, average hitter.

Q. How far did you play, high school days?

TOMMY GAINEY: I played until I was 15 and then after that it was all golf.

Q. How much money did you spend on golf (Inaudible), all of it?

TOMMY GAINEY: A lot, I spent a lot of money when I was, you know -- or let me just rephrase that. My dad spent a lot of money when I was in high school for golf clubs. Now that I'm in my situation now, I can -- I feel like I'm in good position to start taking care of him.

Q. When you were at 8 yesterday, a little conservative today, make sure nothing goes totally haywire?

TOMMY GAINEY: I was not conservative. I got conservative after that 11th hole, No. 2. After that wedge went that far, then I started not finishing my swing. And any PGA pro or anybody else will tell you, when you don't finish your swing, nothing good happens.

Q. (Inaudible).

TOMMY GAINEY: Absolutely, absolutely, they're still a little soft so it's still hard to control the spin a little bit, but today I was very surprised they weren't as soft as I thought they would be. I hit a few shots that they hit and they ran out, you know, 10 or 15 feet. When yesterday if it would have hit, wherever it hit, that was it, maybe five feet spinning back, maybe just stopping or plugging in its own mark. Today they started to get a little harder, so hopefully if the rain stays away, the golf course will put up a bigger fight the next two days.

Q. (Question about golf swing.) It's definitely unorthodox, right? A little like a baseball swing?


No one's trying to give me any tips on it because I think they know my stance on it. Q. What is your stance? TOMMY GAINEY: It's not happening, I'm not changing. If it's not broke, don't fix it. For God's sake, I won a PGA tournament last year, so there's got to be something good with it.

Q. How close to a baseball swing is it?

TOMMY GAINEY: As a matter of fact, I think it's a baseball swing that I've turned into a golf swing pretty much. I'm very lucky and very privileged to be out here.

Q. (Inaudible)

TOMMY GAINEY: Listen, I just don't have time for it.