Greenbrier Classic interview: Matt Every

July 05, 2013

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MODERATOR: All right, like to welcome Matt Every into the interview room after 8-under 62 in round 2 of the Greenbrier Classic. Matt, congratulations on a great round.


MODERATOR: Just a couple comments on the round?

MATT EVERY: Yeah, I played really well tee to green, finally made some putts. I haven't made anything all year and it just finally happened today. Been waiting for it.

MODERATOR: You got it. With that we'll just jump in and take a few questions.

Q. Matt, have you ever led -- can you recall leading a tournament at any time?

MATT EVERY: Yeah, I mean, I think I've led before after two rounds. I don't know, I know Hawaii I did, maybe somewhere else but I'm not sure.

Q. San Antonio last year maybe?

MATT EVERY: Yeah, maybe.

Q. Matt, you remember 2010 here, don't you?


Q. You shot a 63, first round 63?


Q. Do you remember how the course was set up and the difference this year or was that just too long ago?

MATT EVERY: It was actually pretty similar. It was wet. I played so well the first round and then just had some stuff that I'm not going to talk about happen after that, but after the round and it just totally messed my week up. But I do like this course and I'm playing well, so –

Q. Matt, there's a lot of guys who have had a few missed cuts lately making first page of the leaderboard. Can you talk about how hungry the guys are seems like this week?

MATT EVERY: Well, yeah, it's coming down to the end of the year, a lot of guys are trying to get inside the FedEx or the Top 125 on the money to keep their job next year, so it's a big week for a lot of people. For myself, I mean, every week's a big week out here. If you play good it can change your life.

Q. We've seen Billy Horschel have kind of a break-through season this year, I know you guys are tight. Has that sort of motivated you or at least shown you that you can win out here also?

MATT EVERY: It has motivated me. I know I can win out here. It didn't take Billy winning to know that. It's not like a jealous motivation. I mean, I was really genuinely happy for Billy when he won. But it is a motivation because, you know, it's just like college when I went to the University of Florida, Camilo was there and he was the best player and I wanted to be the best player there. So I just kept going and it wasn't like I rooted against him, it's just that's who I measured myself up against when I was there. Not that I'm measuring myself up against Billy but he's pretty good right now, he's one of the best in the world right now. He plays PGA TOUR, I play with him, so that's who I've got.

Q. What did you think of number 17, it looks like coming in that that's a pretty fair scoring hole as well as 18. You doubled 17 in the second round in 2010, but since then you've played -- outside of that you've played it 3-under in five other rounds. Talk to me about that hole and how important it is to score on that one?

MATT EVERY: I'm an idiot for doubling it, I mean, there's so much room to the left there and it's tough to get to. Yeah, it's just like any other hole. I hear it's -- it might be a little -- because it's soft, it's a little too long. If they move the tee up a little bit it would be maybe a little better of a hole. Then 18, yeah, if there 's no wind it's pretty easy, but if there's no wind it can be tricky because you have to be in the right spot on that green.

Q. Most of the scores came in the morning yet your 62 was in the afternoon. Explain how that came about. Everybody's talking about rains walking around and all of a sudden you sign for 62 in the afternoon.

MATT EVERY: I've been playing really good and it's been really frustrating the last three weeks. Last week I missed the cut by one and in two rounds, I don't know if you guys follow the stats, but I was minus three and a half strokes first round, minus 3.7 second round and missed the cut by one. So that means I gave up 7.2 shots. If you take that, and I'm just an average putter after two rounds, I've been in fifth place. There was astretch in the middle of my round today where I missed -- I mean, I made my share today and I'm not complaining, I'm very happy with how I played, but there was a stretch where I missed four putts inside of 12 feet, could have been really low today.

Q. You mentioned that stats. Are you a guy (Inaudible)?

MATT EVERY: I don't look at it a lot but you kind of know. I only found out about it last week because somebody else told me. But I know what I need to work on and what's going on and this TOUR, it's all about putting out here. Everybody hits it pretty good.

MODERATOR: Okay, Matt, congratulations on a great round, appreciate it.