AT&T National interview: Bill Haas

June 29, 2013

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I'd like to welcome Bill Haas. Bill, you're at 7 under. Looks like there will be a four way tie for the lead going into the final round.

If you want to talk about your round today, and then we'll take some questions.

BILL HAAS: Did a lot of good things, but honestly, the back nine, didn't really know where I was going. Luckily, after that triple, I was able to hit three decent iron shots and then make the putt. Certainly, could have been a 6, 7, 8 under day, but it also could have been a 4, 5, 6 over day if I hadn't putted well.

I don't really know what to make of how I'm playing other than I've got to take the positives, and doing some good things. Just got to hopefully do more good than bad tomorrow.

Q. You're not aware of this, Bill, but when you finished 11, you're like five shots down of the lead, and four holes later you're in the lead. How did that happen?

Part of it is I make the triple, so I go way back, and then make two birdies in a row. Then I think Romero maybe made double.

It's just that one hole is really hard. I think we make it harder on ourselves. It shouldn't be that hard. Today it was just a driver and a 6 iron probably, but I hit basically four terrible shots on one hole and cost me bad.

Really, it came down to two pitching wedges, this third shot at 11 and the third shot at 16. If I hit those on the green and two putt, I play those holes 1 over instead of 4 over. So it was three shots. If I just hit two pitching wedges, 30 feet left of the pin.

Q. How about 16? What did you do there?

I just had a pitching wedge middle of the fairway and missed the green right, and it went all the way down. Didn't get up and down, hit a bad chip. It was in a divot, didn't have much.
Really, two pitching wedges. If I can get those over, I think I shoot 5 or 6 pretty easy.

Q. I guess what I was getting at is how does this speak to the course where there were mini train wrecks just about every corner, at least what you expected?

I think the way this course is set up with this thick of a rough and narrow fairways, if you don't drive it good, you can make bogey on any hole. The greens are soft enough that, if you hit good drives and you've got a good number in your hand, you can hit it close.

You're seeing birdies, but you're also seeing some loose shots get penalized.

Q. Having a round like that with so many birdies and a triple, how exhausted is it to gust finish one out like that?

I was telling my caddie, my brother, coming in, I didn't have it. I was running out of steam. I don't know if that was the triple and the four bogeys that I made, or three bogeys, or if that was just the 27 1/2 holes I played today in this heat.

It is tough. I mean, certainly I'm glad I made them, and I'm glad I made the birdies to make up for those bad holes. 17 pars and 15 pars and 3 birdies would have been much more comfortable.

Q. Talk about the difference in the course conditions today, a little less humid, a little warmer, especially after yesterday's rains. Did it play any different today?

Not too much. Similar. I think some holes were pretty had some accessible pins, but some holes had some tough pins.

But like you say, it was really hot out there. Maybe a touch less humid, I don't know. It seemed humid. I was sweating pretty good.

Difficult. By the end of the day, you get worn out. So I think tomorrow, get some good rest tonight, get hydrated, and I'll feel a lot better.

Q. Where were you on the golf course [ inaudible ]?

18 greens. I had 10 holes, 9 1/2 holes to play.

Q. Are you excited? You're tied for the lead or too exhausted to be excited or what?

I'm excited. Missed three of my last four cuts. Really hadn't had it. Just nice to come out in the week and compete, and not only compete but be give myself a chance on Sunday.

I did that a few times earlier this year and haven't had a great Sunday. So looking forward to tomorrow to hopefully making nine birdies or half that, I'll take four or five birdies tomorrow and eliminate some mistakes and maybe win this thing.

Q. It seems like the front side is playing a lot easier than the back. You got two looks at it today. Is that something that you noticed?

It's just a little less demanding length wise. You got a wedge into 1, wedge into 5, wedge into 6, wedge into 8, and 7 6 and 9 are par 5s. You could maybe have wedges there.

You don't have a single hole like that down the back nine other than 16, if you lay up nice. So there's just more opportunities, I think. You can certainly make birdies on the back nine, but there's more trouble for sure.

Q. 12 to 15 in your day, could you go through some details. Clubs you hit in and what not.

From 12 to 15 after my triple?

Q. Yes.

Nice 3 wood at 12, and then just a wedge there. I kind of was in the aggressive mode. You're mad after making triple, so I just kind of went right at it and happened to hit a nice shot there.

Then was in between clubs at 13 and just went with the hard 6 iron, same kind of thing, like come on, don't baby this thing up there. Hit the less club and hit it in there about 8 feet and made that one.

14, a nice drive with a 7 iron to about 8 feet and made that. So really good shots there. Did I say 14? 15.

Q. How about 14?

14, hit 3 wood off the tee. Maybe it was a wrong club. Had 4 iron in there and was happy to hit the green and two putt there.

Q. What was your goal coming into the tournament? What was your goal?

I think every week I just say, try to play solid and give yourself a chance on Sunday. The goal is to win. I've only been able to do it a handful of times out here. It's just getting those jitters and those nerves on Sunday is what you play for, and I'll have them tomorrow. So looking forward to that.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks a lot, Bill.