AT&T National interview: Stewart Cink

June 28, 2013

Q.  Stewart, nice finish.  Birdies at 8 and 9.  You head to the weekend 3 under par.  Thoughts on how you played in the second round.

STEWART CINK:  It was a scrappy day, a lot like yesterday.  Played pretty well, but sometimes this course hides some pretty good shots that you're hitting.  Some good tee balls end up just off the fairway in some real heavy rough, and it's just hard to play here from the rough.

So I did a good job managing myself when I missed.  Made a couple bogeys, but I had a couple good birdies too and took advantage on the easier holes.

Q.  How difficult or the same was this course today as opposed to yesterday when you played?

STEWART CINK:  Compared to yesterday when we played, it was a little bit easier course because the greens were soft and there was just zero wind.

I think overall, at the end of the day, it will play about the same.

Q.  Tell me about the shot at 9.  You had 112.  You almost holed it out.  I was standing behind the green.  That was a great shot.

STEWART CINK:  I only had 240 from the front edge to the middle of the fairway.  Unfortunately, I was on about the steepest downslope that exists here at Congressional.  It probably would have been a stupid shot to try to go for the green there.

So I hit pitching wedge, laid out with a pitching wedge.  Kind of felt like a pansy in a way but turned out to be a good thing.  I gave myself the yardage, and it was a very comfortable wedge.  If you're feeling good about your swing, then that kind of yardage there, you want to hit within 10 feet every time.

Q.  Roberto Castro at the top of the leaderboard, Tringale's playing well, you.  There's a Yellow Jacket flavor to the leaderboard.

STEWART CINK:  It's nice to see the Yellow Jackets, some of the younger guys moving up.  Roberto is having a good growing spell this year and coming into his own, and Cameron's proven that he's a pretty solid player too.

I like to see those guys out there playing well.  I'd like to play with them over the weekend.

Q.  Finally, they're looking for a new voice for the Yellow Jackets.  Any suggestions?

STEWART CINK:  They don't want me.  I got too much Southern twang.  We're losing Les Durham.  He's the voice of the Jackets.  He's going on to television.

I think he got in such good physical shape now that he's camera material now instead of just microphone material.  We'll miss him.