AT&T National interview: Bill Haas

June 27, 2013

 Q.  Bill, got it to 2 under going to the closing hole, but this is the type of golf course where, if you miss the fairway and the green, you're going to pay the price.  Still 1 under, nice round today.

Thanks. I was better at the beginning of the day. The course is playing tough. I would have liked 1 under par. I was 4 under through 10, really feeling good, then hit a bad shot in the water at 11 and then really just didn't ‑‑ had a nice look at 17 to maybe get it back to 3 under. Missed that putt.  And then bad drive at 18 cost me.

 Q.  Tell me about the course conditions that the guys will face here today.  What did you think of them?

BILL HAAS:  It's soft. Very similar to the U.S. Open.  I think the rough is just as thick, but it is soft out there.  I think you're going to see guys ‑‑ I doubt you'll see Rory McIlroy weak out here just because I think he played better than anybody could ever play that week. He played so well.

Somebody can go low this afternoon. Maybe the ball will be going a little bit more. Everything dries out a little bit, you might see something a little bit better under par.

 Q.  I read an article at the beginning of the season where you said you're going to change the way you approach ‑‑ let's say after a round today, you go out and practice a lot.  You don't leave the golf course right away.  You put a little bit more practice.  It seems to have paid dividends.  Is that what's also helping this good season you've had?

BILL HAAS:  Maybe a little bit. It's all what have you done lately. The last three, last four weeks, I missed cuts. Right now I'm not feeling that good about it. I did a lot of good things out there today. Hopefully, I can ball strike it a little bit better tomorrow. I'm doing enough good things to maybe be there on Sunday.

Q.  Thanks for your time.  Play well the rest of the week.

BILL HAAS:  Thank you.

Q.  How is the course playing today?

BILL HAAS:  The course is playing tough. The rough is just really thick. If you miss a fairway, very difficult to get the ball close or maybe even on the green. If you hit the ball on the fairway, I think you're going to see some good scores. By the end of the day, you'll probably see a 5 or 6 under out there.

I'm pleased with anything under par around this golf course. Certainly, would have liked being 4 under through ten holes, would have liked it a little bit better.

Q.  Since you played here last weekend before they changed the course, how do you feel the changes affect your round?

BILL HAAS:  It's just longer.  I think that's pretty much the only changes.  They fell in love with the number 480 yards.  It seems like every par 4, that's what it is.  Certainly makes it harder to get some balls close.  You're hitting longer irons into these greens.  I think they're getting what they want out there, seeing some high scores.

Q.  And the last question is you still have the afternoon round to go.  Are you happy with where you're sitting right now?

BILL HAAS:  Yeah, I'm happy I shot something under par. Like I said, I was 4 under through ten holes and going really well and struggled coming in. So disappointed and pleased at the same time.