Travelers Championship interview: Bubba Watson

June 20, 2013

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Q. The course allowed a lot of good scores today, did you feel that way?

Yeah, it always does. In you look at the history of this, it always does. You have a short par 3 on 11. You have a mid iron, short iron into 12 and a reachable par 5. You have a short iron into 14, reachable 15, mid iron into 17, and a mid iron into 18. So, yeah, there is always a great opportunity for a bunch of birdies on the back.

Q. We're seeing a lot of familiar names at the top of the leaderboard. You saw Charley and Hunter from last year. What is the reason for that?

Those guys are good. You know, it's one of those things where you get comfortable. We make our schedules. This is my eighth year on TOUR. So you make your schedule of the courses you like, courses you enjoy, towns you enjoy, and obviously, courses that you play well. So these are guys that love this course, that love this tournament. They love Travelers and how they treatise here. So you're always going to see pretty much some of the same guys out there because they enjoy this area and this golf course.

Q. Is it much of a decision for you on 15, Bubba, to go for it?

There was no other play to do. It kind of forces you into it. Today I just caught the wind the right way, so everybody's just trying to leave it short of the green and chip and putt. You get on the green and chip those lucky shots. Today the wind was right for me to get there.

Q. Eagle to get things going for you, Bubba; how satisfied are you with the start today?

Very satisfied. We woke up this morning and saw there were a lot of birdies out there. Lot of people started off hot. So the afternoon round you want to just stay in the ballpark and have a chance, not to get too far behind.

So for me, I made a quick couple bogeys, but I finished off strong, made that eagle on 15. Very satisfied, I knew I was playing well. I like the golf course, so it sets up good for me, and I made a few putts.

Q. Speaking of liking this golf course an emotional win your first year 2010, tied for second here last year. What is it that brings out the best in your game?

I think everybody just treats us well here, the fans, Travelers, the sponsors, always treats us well. They always try to go above and beyond. The golf course sets up good for me. I like the look of it. I like the short irons into the holes. So the greens are always pretty good here, so I rolled my putts pretty good today, and I putted well here the last few years.

Q. After the week at Merion where everyone was challenged, is it a nice little respite of sorts knowing that you've had short irons and a lot of birdie chances?

Yeah, for sure. I didn't play in the Open, the U.S. Open when I won here in 2010, so I had a week off of that grueling grind. But you look forward to this type of golf, this atmosphere after the U.S. Open, so that's why I always play here. Again, I love to play, and I love the sponsors. They have all treated us well here.

Q. Chip in at 9 there got your round going, didn't it?

Yeah, for sure. It was a weird day the first few holes, birdied a couple, but then I three putted and made a dumb bogey on I think 7 that is. And then 9, I thought I hit a good shot, miscalculated the way they walked on the pin or something. That was 9 yards. I played the hole 9 yards too far on the green but then chipped it in, so obviously that keeps your momentum going and gets you off the misjudge of the distance. Gets you rolling to the back nine, and the back nine I made a few birdies and an eagle.

Q. How about that eagle on 15? You landed on the front of the green and rolled back there perfectly?

Yeah, that was nice. That might have been my first eagle ever on that hole. Maybe the first time on the green. But it's one of those things where the wind was just right so, I knew I could get it there with my 4 wood, and it worked out perfectly.

Q. This is a golf course you've obviously won here and finished second here; to me it seems like you're able to really work the ball on this golf course.

Yeah, for sure. You have a lot of options. First hole, people are hitting irons, people are hitting 3 woods and drivers. Number 2, you can try to drive it close to the green. There are so many different options. I guess I'm somewhat known for that. So I think the wide fairways for me help me. I can just kind of bomb it and hit a short iron in there.

The greens are really rolling well this year, but they've been rolling well the last few years, and I've been putting well on these greens.